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  1. I want to make a 2D game engine! Where do I start?

    Okay I'll tell you what I know. So I know: javascript, C++, python, C and ruby. And I'm more familiar with javascript, C++ and python. My main goal is to make a game engine, which is b. cause I mainly wanna learn how a program can make another program especially how a game engine can make a game. I only know 2 library pygame and SFML for c++.
  2. Hey I've learned C++ and SFML, but I can't find a book or tutorial

    Well Thank you everyone! I might go well with this! I'm gonna take a look to this tutorial and scratch on a sheet of paper many ways to do collision or whatever until I found one which make sens!
  3. Okay I've beedn doing some c++ for some time ago, so now I don't really got problem for c++. Then I have learned SFML! Then I wanted to learn some stuff like tile-mapping all the collison stuff or sprite animation...   But then I discovored something there's no book using SFML or only a tiny amount of tutorial on this topic which use SFML.   I'm basically a noob,...I'm 16 year old.   So does anyone know where I can learn all those thing?
  4. Where should I start with game development?

    this can be helpful: http://content.gpwiki.org/index.php/Main_Page   If you take an engine , make sure to read the license!