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  1. lib3ds

    Just a hypothesis but, when I've installed other libraries (opengl, glut, sdl) in the past I often have to edit the linker settings via "Build options". i.e.     [url=][/URL]   Could there be something I need to do here (I ask because I know it's specifically a linker problem)?    Lastly here is what my "Search directories" tab looks like (in case it helps)   [url=][/URL]    
  2. lib3ds

    Alright so I used MSYS to help me compile the library using a ./configure -> make -> make install process. It gave me some new files in the lib3ds directory, as per below It appears that each .c file is given a .o and .ol file, there is also two new directories (there is also a .la file). The .deps directory is full .pol files and .libs directory is full of .o files. Does this look right? There still are no .lib or .dll files. I linked the Codeblocks compiler (Settings -> Compiler -> Search Directories -> Linker) and set them both to the src folder. It didn't work. I then proceeded to set every folder in lib3ds (i.e. ./lib3ds, ./lib3ds/src, ./lib3ds/src/.libs, ./lib3ds/src/.deps), but still the error says I feel like I'm so close I'm following instructions as far as I can tell perfectly but it still just won't work. Does the compilation look right? Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance.
  3. lib3ds

    Hey so the readme file just gave me a link to the website in which to download it but there is a file called "INSTALL", but it gives me instructions on how to compile it in linux and I am working in windows.   Is there a way to run make files in windows? Or do I have download it on linux, precompile it there and transfer it to my windows machine?   Cheers
  4. lib3ds

    There is no .dll files or .lib files (just .h, .cpp and some make files). So does that mean I do not link anything?   I redirected my compiler in code blocks to the folder with the lib3ds h files (settings->compiler->search directories tab).   Here is a picture of my problem.     [url=][/URL]     It detects the included header file <lib3ds.h> It understands the type Lib3dsFile from <lib3ds.h>  but I can't get it to understand the function 'lib3ds_file_open'. It gives me an "undefined reference to 'lib3ds_file_open' error.   but when I hover my mouse over the function it displays the function prototype (as seen in the .h file), I also went to the included .h file for <lib3ds.h> and checked that the function is there (which it is).   Why can I detect the lib3ds.h file, read in a struct from it, but fail to find a reference to the lib3ds_file_open function?
  5. Loading a model into OpenGL

    I want to take a model from 3DS MAX and load it into an OpenGL project.   How can this be done?   I just can't find much resources for it but it seems like such a vital part of video games programming. Surely people don't make all their models in the OpenGL code.   The only thing I've found is lib3ds, which I can only find one tutorial for.   I also found this decade old tutorial on NeHe   Surely there is a more recent way of doing this?   Thanks in advance
  6. lib3ds

    Hi I am trying to load a 3ds model into OpenGL. I did some research and found that lib3ds is a popular solution. I read this tutorial on how to use it, which wasn't too hard but after downloading the zip folder and unzipping I have no idea how to install it.   I've never really installed a library before, is there a generic tutorial on how to do this?   I am using code blocks.   Is lib3ds is a good solution for this?   If so could I get some instructions for installing lib3ds into codeblocks.   Cheers.
  7. Starting OpenGL

      Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm just following this book right now. I don't know much about the difference between the Win32 and GLUT APIs, but if using both is redundant than you're right I should just use one. I'll also keep this in mind while I go through the book.
  8. Starting OpenGL

    Perfect, I never would have worked that out thanks!
  9. Starting OpenGL

    Attached is a copy of the source code from chapter 2.
  10. Starting OpenGL

    Hi I'm starting out learning OpenGL from the book "Beginning OpenGL Game programming".   I am using Code blocks as an IDE and Windows 7 as an operating system. I've followed the steps in this tutorial to setup Code blocks mingw with GLUT.   When I take the source code from chapter 2 on the CD and I copy and paste it into my IDE I get the attached print screen as an error.    The print screen indicates that the SetPixelFormat() method cannot be referenced. I did some research and it appears that the SetPixelFormat() method is under the WGL reference   and I infer that GLUT installs WGL for me. So why can't I reference SetPixelFormat()? What am I missing? Do I have to do some kind of linking first?   Note - I was able to successfully copy, paste, build and run the source code of chapter 1 without any problems.