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  1. Success, I've got enough attention. Way to go, losers.
  2. Not it wasn't necessary. Okay, screw GLFW, it is a shitty library. This thread has become a down-vote ocean, too many assholes. Not that I give a shit about that number.
  3.   Yes it's right there. My mistake, sorry.     It's full of useless features - too retarded-friendly, like everything tends to become over time.     Too retarded-friendly (like everything tends to become over time) and I couldn't find 2.7.7's documentation.     I was talking about the name of the function, which is stupid. It's the first time I see the word 'should' in a program.     Why would one use two versions of GLFW in the same application? It's all the same crap.     That was unnecessary.
  4. I don't give a **** to this stupid number, keep pressing this stupid down arrow if you want, ********.
  5. Didn't know GLFW had a new version. I won't use glfw3. It has become so stupid. There is no library for Visual Studio 2010. Only for the Visual Crap 2012. Even the website looks stupid now. Even the function names: glfwWindowShouldClose, what the Hell? The header filename, glfw3.h? GLFW 2.7 was not glfw27.h, simply glfw.h.   I think I will search for another library to do this job. Or do it manually if I don't find one.   Thank you Kaptein.
  6. There are no memory leaks, I used the CRT thing before for checking. I think it it is not a leak problem, because there are no allocations made by me on the loop, only these simple gl calls. I tested other non-empty OpenGL applications, they have a steady usage. They use FreeGLUT.   I tried to create a window and context manually, and drew a simple triangle, the memory usage is stable.   Maybe this is glew/glfw problem. Or Is that something I shouldn't be worried about?   Oh my god, what should I do now :(   Thank you for your reply, Barbossa.
  7. Hi. I have an empty OpenGL 3.3 application using GLEW and GLFW, with a simple code like this: bool running = true; if( !glfwOpenWindow( 800,600, 0,0,0,0,0,0, GLFW_WINDOW ) ) {     glfwTerminate(); } glewInit(); while( running ) {     glClear( GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT );     glfwSwapBuffers();     running = glfwGetWindowParam( GLFW_OPENED ); } glfwTerminate(); When I run the application and open the Windows Task Manager, the memory usage of the process doesn't stop growing, it starts at something near 8,600 K and then this number is increased by 4 every 3 to 10 seconds, approximately.   Oh my god, what do I do?
  8. I like you, Hodgman. You are right, enraging myself won't take me anywhere better... I apologize for my rants and going off topic, I won't bother you guys anymore.
  9.   Done by people who don't give a F*beep* about the people whom they feed nor about the animals nor about the environment. Only about the profit. People are lazy and stupid, they don't use their brains, they only care about their tasty burgers or any kind of crap they eat, it doesn't matter what is it made of. They only care about their momentary pleasure and convenience. What does this have to do with everything we've been discussing? Technology in the present days have an important role on keeping people lazy, stupid, busy, addicted and uninterested, even about their food. By the way, the new iPhone is out, so amazing, must buy!
  10.   What guy? I said it is intended for people like that, The Typical American®. It is a series of tools to handle simple and easy tasks that don't need the aid of computers to be handled. I'll skip the growing my own food part, it's not worth replying.   All what you have said, can be done without the aid of computers or robots, which makes the act of thinking unnecessary for people who use them. It's just ridiculous how technology makes people slaves and irrational.   Keep in mind that I did not insult the creator of this crap, I find him smart, I said. But I think his creation is for The Typical American®.
  11.   Yes. That's my point. Now it's even easier to do everything, you don't even need to find this feature for yourself or read it somewhere (manual, box, website?) to figure out! You don't need to 'learn' how to use things today. Also, sharing isn't something everyone will do. 'To need' is a strong verb, I'd not dare using it.     :(   Oh. That kind of thing really makes me sad. Okay, it's cool, and it is made by smart people and makes your life 'easier' and all, but... really, smart fridges? What the? In the future, everything will be smart and their users will be more and more stupid and lazy, it looks like. Can't you keep track of expiring dates? Can't you keep track of what you are low on? Can't you try new recipes? Can't you detect rotting fruit/vegetables? The question isn't if you can or can't, of course you can... but maybe you're too busy playing your Call of Duty, pressing Share buttons on your controller, sharing your 1440 no-scope across the map trick shot with your 'friends'  to do simple things in life like this. Or to have someone to do it for you. Probably your wife and children will be doing the same or something similar, so they won't have the time. To focus more on other things in life other than food? What, for example? Work? Games? Internet? TV? Of course, because all that are more important than your food. Many things have been more important that people's food, that's why the food today is what it is and nobody cares. I think things like this are made for fat-lazy-no-brained-rich-morons.
  12.   If the fridge had a button to share what is inside it or what I picked up to eat on Facebook to my 'friends' or if it had a voice command to open when I said "open" or if it told me for how long I've kept something inside, then yes, I'd say that would be F-in stupid.  I understand, but, sharing isn't something you'll do very often, maybe once in a few minutes, so having to use this function buried in some menu wouldn't make much difference. Anyway, it's all about sitting in a comfortable chair/couch and pressing buttons, wouldn't make much difference I think, it's really quick either way, having to go a little out of the way to see something isn't a big problem, you can quickly switch back. Having a share button will save only a few seconds, I think.
  13.   Why? Because of the cursing? If I wrote several paragraphs using complex terms, would it be mature? I'm not saying everyone is stupid, I just don't like the way technology have been 'evolving' last years, I just think many things have no utility for me. For example, that 'share' button on the PS4 controller. Seriously? Okay, it's just a button, but couldn't we take the time to press the PS button, for example and go somewhere else to share something? Things nowadays are so easy and quick to do, that people become more and more stupid. The same applies to many games. And websites. And phones. And you name it.   Yes, I'll do that. I like them.
  14. That controller looks like shit. That stupid touch-screen in the middle is just retarded. Just like most of the people who play video games today. Everything now has a fucking touch-screen. Everything now is made for stupid people. At least makes sense.
  15. I think it is simply a piece of crap. But... whatever, most of the Steam users are idiots, so are most of the people who play video games today.