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  1. Hi, I think you should get a SonyEriccsson phone. They have on device debug, which lets you send your System.out/System.err over bluetooth/serialcable to your workstation. The development tools are very nice, and work over bluetooth or serial cable. Something I found out later was that they also support alot of the Nokia APIs. I can't recommend a provider as I live in Europe. I currently use Orange, because it offers me free HTTP traffic for 6euro/month, + 2MB other traffic, which is great. I do almost all testing in HTTP, and sometimes just check using TCP/UDP. I don't think there are any monochrome phone out there, at least I hope not ;) It's so convenient not having to buy + use a cable for development, and just use bluetooth. Go for one of the newer S/E phones. I have the K700i for about 9 months, and I've been very happy about it.
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