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  1. No its not like OGL, it does not solve the same problem.   OGL provides a library to OpenGL API in an object oriented way but personal perspective of the author. It also provides math library and assets management. It can be viewed as a low-level graphics engine.   GLPP is only a OpenGL C++ API. It tries to follow the notion of OpenGL objects as defined by the specification and does NOT create any higher all-included objects or change/hide any details of the OpenGL API. It also tries to enforce other constrains of the specifications by using more strict typing wherever is possible. Thus if you are familiar with OpenGL API it will be trivial to use it. It can be easily coupled with GLM and create a graphic engine. So the target audience is graphics engines programmers, or directly OpenGL programmers.
  2. Hello everyone,   I wanted to share some code that I had developed last year that can ease usage of OpenGL API using C++ language features. The library is called glpp and  is shared through github under MIT licence. https://github.com/sque/glpp   "OpenGL C++ Wrapper provides a C++ interface for the OpenGL API. The wrapper tries to expose all the logical objects of OpenGL standard to C++ native objects. This is not a graphics library, thus you will not find any assets manipulation or math functionality. However the library is designed to be easily coupled with an external math library like glm or an assets manipulation library like assimp."   GLpp tries to replicate all OpenGL C Api in a C++ way. It covers the majority of OpenGL Api but there are still some edges (not so common though). Glpp is used in other closed-source projects at the moment and it is tested in many ways. However its Api is not frozen yet, and there are many ideas for improvement, which I hope to develop or other people may contribute back.   There are also some examples which need a lot of cleaning. Because I am afraid I will never finalize them, I am pushing to the public in this status in hope that someone wants to comment/motivate/help/contribute.     In hope that is useful to someone...  
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