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  1. Thanks, I'm going to take a look at the software.
  2. Thanks, I would look into it.
  3. Flash have always been expensive, but nmow it costs 300 dollars a year, and if you cancel the subcription you can't acces the software, so it cost infinite dollars now. Are there other 2d animation software that has the button creation tools in order to make interactive animations, or something like that?
  4. Hi.   Well, in games with characters creation you see that you can put different tattoos and images over the character you are creating, so, I don't think these tattoos are in the uw map of the character right? (I'm new), so how tyhey add images so easily over a character? 
  5. Thanks for the responses XD
  6. Thanks for the answers.   So, in what units should I have the 3d max set to? centimeters maybe? If you change the units in the mid of a work, what happens to the model, how adopt that units?   You can use the same skeleton if the models have the same joints, and the same size isn't it? If it is not the same size, I suppose you can alter the skeleton accordingly, but in any case, you have to skin every single model right?
  7. Hi all, I'm starting to make a 3d fighting game, but I don't know what is the appropiate size for the 3d models. What size in pixels should I make the plane which is going to contain my reference pic?   Also, in games like Tekken, you see that some characters has the same moves of others, even change between characters movesets during combat, how they do this, is it programming and not 3d animation related?   There isn't any form of using the same rig for varios models, right? You have to rig manually every single character, isn't it?
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