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  1. This is a little game we uploaded to Kongregate last night. It is based off a mini-game of the same name in [url=http://www.coinncarry.com]Coin 'n Carry[/url].    We are very new to Kongregate. Maybe some folks here can help us learn about the community there and how to make sure the games we put there will be well received.   We decided to make a stand alone version for Kongregate to keep raising Frogdice's profile and possibly direct some more people to [url=http://www.coinncarry.com]Coin 'n Carry[/url]. Obviously it is more interesting when played in the context of the full game, but its still pretty fun on Kongregate.   Give it a shot and if you are so inclined, a 5 star rating would be much appreciated.   [url="http://www.kongregate.com/games/Frogdice/pokka-packaging"]Pokka Packaging on Kongregate[/URL]   Have fun with it!  
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