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  1. would  unity3d good for making this project?
  2. so that's what MMO in mmorpg means .. sorry for being so dumb :)) but anyhow thanks for the comments and suggestion i really appreciate it.. and i was thinking about making just the 1st part of the storyline where the level cap is only 10 , 1 dungeon , 4 npc , 1 class ,small map, 4skills,  about 3 different types of monsters and if maybe i still have some time i will make cut scenes and movies . that's where i will start.. and that will be my goal for 1 and a half year...  way2lazy2care... thanks for telling me what mmo means... i usually thought that mmorpg is like DragonNest and rpg is like ragnarok but anyhow thanks.. thank you for all the comment!! 
  3. btw if you want to tutor me .. you can add me on fb nips_ter@yahoo.com and if you want to chat in skype i have a skype account freechapel.nathaniel
  4. iam an inspiring game developer and studying computer science major in application development and i want to learn how to make an mmorpg game that is offline that looks like the environment of zenonia 5 and i want to learn how to design characters and skills and i only have 1 year and a half to make this game before i present it to our judges .. help me guys... thank you for your reply's.. have a nice day     and to GOD be the Glory
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