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  1. frizzlefry


    Damn you! And Damn verizon (the only wireless carrier I get service on) for not snapping up the shiny gadgety iphone for an exclusive contract in the first place. Soon, I will be texting you from my brand shiny new try not to be jealous of LG 6800VX. Somehow, it doesn't have the same status. Damn you!
  2. frizzlefry

    I've been here 7 years.

    Tiffany! I've missed you!
  3. frizzlefry

    Gamer Jewelry

    In an age where video games are rapidly becoming the foremost source of entertainment, there is a company dedicated to expressing your love of the gaming culture in a whole new way. Gamer Jewelry ( is a company based out of San Diego that develops video game themed jewelry for true gamers, by gamers – with some fantastic designs. While others express the games they love on a t-shirt, Gamer Jewelry gives you a new way to let everyone know what a true gamer plays. All of the pieces are developed by extremely creative artists who live and love the gaming lifestyle with concepts inspired by some of the top games on the market. With designs in everything from sterling silver, gold, black tungsten and more, Gamer Jewelry offers a number of awesome designs for all gaming enthusiasts including pieces inspired by the games Quake and Prey as well as a variety of other necklaces, rings and pendants. Their Cyber Age Ring is an artistic interpretation of the link that man has with machine in a futuristic design available in sterling silver with 18K gold plating. Fans of shooter games should check out their Health Bar pendant and a Pierced Bullet Pendant. All of the Gamer Jewelry concepts are sure to stand out and catch the eye of fellow gamers who will wonder where you got them. The designs by Gamer Jewelry are extremely cool and for those who see video games as less of a hobby and more of a way of life, we recommend you should definitely check them out. Visit the Gamer Jewelry site here (
  4. As the advertising overlord, I do actually vet many of the ads we show. (And we have ad providers which we try to keep an eye on as well). This particular ad was indeed vetted. I weighed the weirdness of the ad against any potential harm to the younger set. Having 3 kids in the 10-13 year old range, I looked at it from that perspective and whether it would "do harm" to any of them. Frankly, they all learn about eggs and sperm in school, and this ad was not truly suggestive of anything but the beginning of life. I don't think it's that big of a deal. Weird, but not sexually inappropriate. I do like to hear what ads are a problem though. We do our best to keep the sexual ones off the site.
  5. frizzlefry site painfully slow *Its Back*

    Quote:Original post by ArchWizard Please don't turn it back on. This is the fastest GameDev's ever been for me and I love it. I'll get GDNet+ again if you promise to leave it off forever. :D If only everyone felt that way!
  6. frizzlefry

    We're Back!

    Quote:Original post by Gaiiden Whoops - it was a viral infection - not the flu. But still. he was sick :P And don't forget Don who drove through the blinding snow, and somewhat in circles around Dallas in his many trips to and from the data center. And the Dell tech guy who also drove to and from our data center many times. Fun times were had by all.
  7. I baked bread. And cookies. And saw my kids. They're really kinda cute. . .
  8. frizzlefry

    We're Back!

    I can see your hands stop shaking, your breathing becomes regular. 10 days of cold turkey was stressful, but it's over now. Sweet dreams!
  9. frizzlefry

    Whats up with

    Quote: The fixes for this are pretty simple (eg. allow the user to specify an url of their own rather than forcing them to link to a file in the GDNet+ webspace) but the answer is always "too busy doing critical forum maintenance, try back next month/year". This has been particularly frustrating to us as staff as well. We are working on it, but the solution continues to be elusive. I know it's been said before, but I would like to reiterate that things are changing and the growth has been a little more awkward than we expected. Getting rid of the errors is top priority so that we can make the site hit it's stride. And for the record, there is no bickering about what needs done, it's just a major undertaking from people in many time zones with many commitments. Thanks for the comments. We do read them and discuss the needs of our visitors. We know we have a lot to improve on, and that there have been a lot of empty promises up to now. I personally expect you to believe us once you see the proof. The trick now is to make that happen as quickly as possible.
  10. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty

    Quote:Original post by Programmer One Quote:Original post by frizzlefry Of course, feeling the effects of a spouse who plays WoW- not obsessively anymore- Ah. So that is where Dave went... Oops! I'm afraid I've revealed too much. . .but yes, and everything about our lives suffered because of it. He never played even close to 8 hours a day- more like 4, at my best estimate. It was pure hell for months.
  11. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty

    Quote:Original post by DrjonesDW3d This post just shows how truly ignorant you are of this topic. Allow me to list off a little of what we gain from our 'accomplishments' outside of the gear and screen shot for our website. - Working with 40 other people every night, all to accomplish a common goal - Putting time into 'tedious' work that you might not wanting to do, but seeing the benefit that properly preparing for something generates - Pride in knowing that you put a lot of effort into something, and were able to accomplish what you set out to do. - Knowing how to deal with a situation in which other people rely on you to perform under pressure - Being able to make split second decisions caused by unpredicted changes in a stressful situation - How to get along with and interact with people that you wouldn't normally approach and be friends with - How to learn from people from different personality types and backgrounds from yourself - Learning how to take something you really enjoy doing, and turn it into something more than just a pure form of entertainment. - How to work in a structured environment, where people at the top make the big decisions, and people at the bottom figure out the details. I don't know about you, but any of those things are things that I would look for in a resume. The kill of the boss is simply the end product, there is a LOT that goes into it that you (and others) are unaware of. If I was in a position to hire someone, and I found out that they have killed Nefarian or some other major boss, I would be very impressed, because I know that doing so takes everything from patience to teamwork. Here is a little example. If you had some experience playing WoW, the 'hardcore' endgame is not simply running around killing things and gaining levels. That isn't what we do 8 hours a day. A typical situation, would be us having an encounter that we have not yet beaten. We will log on 3-4 nights a week, and attempt that encounter. We come up with a plan, make sure everyone knows what they are doing, then engage in combat with the boss. We will all die. We will then look at our plan, what went wrong, and come up with a way to fix it. This entire process can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the boss. We will continue doing that, for 5-6 hours that night, each time, making a little bit of progress, learning something new, or getting some practice, but we will still not get the kill. We will do that all night, 3-4 nights a week, for maybe 4-5 weeks. This adds up to sometimes more than 100 attempts, all of which have ended with us dieing, not the boss. Eventually, we make that change that is the last piece of the puzzle. It's the final piece. We then engage and we come out the victor. The sense of accomplishment that you feel here is indescribable. It's something that you can feel pride in, knowing that everyone has accomplished it. The guild has invested literally thousands of man hours into this task, and it finally paid off. You figured it out, and can now move on to the next one. So, you are identifying values you've been taught throughout your life and applying them to WoW. The sense of accomplishment is real. Does the electronic interaction truly translate to an interpersonal setting as wholly as you claim it does? (And don't be offended. I'm not attacking you or your decisions. This is all so foreign to me, I want to give credit for any positives possible. Of course, feeling the effects of a spouse who plays WoW- not obsessively anymore- I am leaning towards the idea that this particular online accomplishment has only minor real world value. However, I am open minded.)
  12. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty

    Quote:Original post by Pouya Quote:Original post by frizzlefry I look at the case in point of a mom who is "phenomenal" at motherhood but still plays 7-8 hours a day. Knowing the sheer volume of tasks required to keep a home and children running smoothly, I want to know how she does it. Maybe she has an illegitimate step son who takes care of the children for her? [wink] Woo-Hoo! Come on over! Your step-brother is currently puking in the downstairs bathroom and I hate to stop killing boars to go hug him. . .
  13. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty

    Quote:Original post by linternet If we both enjoy what we do with our spare time, what does it matter? I think this is the point people are questioning. How does anyone have that much "spare" time?
  14. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty

    I really don't want this to become a flame war. I find myself baffled by the draw of this game and how it holds millions of people in thrall. I look at the case in point of a mom who is "phenomenal" at motherhood but still plays 7-8 hours a day. Knowing the sheer volume of tasks required to keep a home and children running smoothly, I want to know how she does it. Is that her only other activity besides motherhood? Are all of her kids in school? Supposedly this particular one also works. Even if it's part time, she's accounted for 12+ hours a day of things not motherhood. When does she do the dishes and the laundry and help with homework and pay the bills and interact with her spouse and pick up toys and grocery shop and on and on and on? Does she only sleep and hour a night? I know first hand that even a 1-2 hours a day of WoW leaves many things undone or pushed to the back burner, and when equating that to successful people, they are often the hardest hit since success is often measured by accomplishments. Someone who is successful in a guild must also have been or still is accomplishing things in other areas. How do they find the time to play 7-8 hours a week and have any satisfaction from outside accomplishments? Or do other areas become meaningless while the game is forefront? I think what I'm seeing more than anything is that the game takes advantage of the things we are taught in our daily life experiences. Namely: 1)Everyone should set goals and reach them. This concept is great for things with tangible returns. If the game paid as much as Tiger Woods gets paid, Dave could play 12 hours a day and I wouldn't care. The only tangible returns (other than the ebay market) only fulfill the gamer's sense that he/she is doing something in keeping with what they have always been taught. 2)Be a good team member. Again, excellent for many situations, but how does one choose the teams they ally with? Is that BYU student and husband being a team member in his home with his spouse? Would his wife agree that he is as well? That one is particularly difficult for me to wrap my brain around. I understand the rigors of getting an education, being married and living up to the principles and teachings of Mormonism. Is he living on student loans in order to have the time to fulfill other resposibilities and game 7-8 hours a day? If he also works full time, is his schooling suffering? Anyway- I'm not trying to cause trouble. I am trying to figure out at what point the psyche changes and WoW 40 hours or more a week becomes not just acceptable, but necessary. I can't see anything but addiction. It has been so long that anyone has had to creatively entertain themselves, no one knows how anymore. As a result, games and movies and TV shows will get more and more intense and intricate to feed the entertainment addiction.
  15. frizzlefry

    WoW Guild gets nasty Anyone else play on guilds like this?
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