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  1. Hello, I need some help on this one operators that really confused me.... what does x >> y mean when it says that x reads y? Thank you in advance!
  2. Brian Ko

    Explanation for Repeated Word Detector

    I am already familiar with the constructs of it... I just don't know how this part works        while (cin>>current) {         if (previous == current)             cout << "repeated word: "<< current << '\n' ;             previous = current;             }
  3. Hi, I found this repeated word detector and I could get it to run but didn't understand how it ran.... Someone please explain to me (:     #include <iostream> #include <vector>   int main() {     using namespace std;          string previous =" ";     string current;     while (cin>>current) {         if (previous == current)             cout << "repeated word: "<< current << '\n' ;             previous = current;             }     }
  4. Brian Ko

    Crafting a 2D RPG

  5. Brian Ko

    Reputation System Design Rationale

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