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  1. Questions from a newcomer

    I am an interface designer by trade, but I have always had a great interest in learning to develop video games. The problem is that I am really unsure of where to remotely begin. Perhaps I could tell you my goals and have you suggest a route to begin? My goal is to be able to create/develop 3D video games similar to San Andreas. So let's say I wanted to create Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas... where would I start as a complete beginner?
  2. Finding Partners / Building a Team

      Would that be the same section to use if you're looking for a partner?
  3. Hi there,   I've looked over the forums and I have not been able to find an answer to my question. It's possible that I overlooked an answer, so I apologize if I have made a mistake by posting this; if that is the case, feel free to delete this topic.   My Question:   I would like to build a small team (partnership) for a game I am interested in developing. I believe there is a forum designated for posting game ideas, but that would be counter-productive in my case. I'm looking for a developer and an artist -- I specialize in UI design. I am *not* looking for a new, inexperienced developer or artist.   Please feel free to PM me with your resume and/or examples of your work. If I like your work, I'll be in touch with more details.   To the moderators: I apologize if I am violating any rules by doing this. If so, please remove this topic, but I would most appreciate it if you PM me to let me know of a better place I can post this request.