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  1. wow the tools is interesting, I wonder how close it is to Rockstar's tools   I will give it a look later. 
  2. I agree, imho a to fund a game project it must be:   1)interesting 2)already in full development   I've never backed a concept and I hate when star developers use their fame to get a lots on money on concepts, I also hate when kickstarter is used to preorder games. I hope that the attention Kickstarter earned will last, I really like it.
  3. New Beta, now it's usable somehow in projects!   DOWNLOAD   What’s new: ? New Xml file format ? Player launcher ? Default player included ? Objects hierarchy supported ? Editor grid ? User interface refinements     The missing key release bug will be fixed later in the refactoring, I know it's annoying sometimes
  4. that's a great idea, similar to the humble store, but I don't think it's open to everyone.
  5. great design, have you been inspired by real castles?
  6. I've always thought that too, but when I actually decided to implement one, it was alot easier than I had assumed. I rolled my own, but you mentioned you're using Qt, and Qt has its own Undo/Redo framework you can leverage.   You're editor looks nice, btw!    wow I didn't know that but I see it's Qt 5.0, the project its based on Qt 4.8.1, I'll give it a look.   Now I'm focusing on object hierarchy(need to connect signals and slots), final save format and bundled level player(but you can launch your game directly if you prefer) A new build will be out before easter with at least some new features
  7.   Thanks a lot. Undo could be implemented later in the development a good undo and redo system is not easy and requires some work.   Multiple axis scale it's a good idea, it's now in the enhancements.   bugs: 1) it's a leftover from the qt designer, I missed it. 2) the bug was known I have to figure out how to solve it, key events must be reworked a bit.
  8.         Thanks, I've updated the post with the download link which was there but not showing, also updated the editor download.   The editor is based on ogre engine and qt, both of them are multiplatform so it can be ported when the source code will be available
  9. that's interesting, I like procedural generation and good devlog!
  10. Because they are mostly sandbox game replicating, but in a funnier way, complex aspects of people's lives that, in most cases won't be experienced by the player (sim city for ex.)
  11. Recently re discovered this website, first post here: Cr Editor is Ogre3d engine level editor made with simplicity and ease in mind. The source code will be released later in 2013. The editor codebase could be used in other projects or expanded Now there's need for some beta testing so if you want to help/try it you can download it on its Beta Page.   [url=http://pinasterware.tumblr.com/creditorbeta]DOWNLOAD Beta 1.1[/url]   What’s new: ? New Xml file format ? Player launcher ? Default player included ? Objects hierarchy supported ? Editor grid ? User interface refinements [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaQphuWOc0c]Video on Youtube[/url]     Features: : ? Entities editor (transformations, material, properties) ? User defined objects system. ? Lights editor ? Particle systems support (Ogre scripts) ? Terrain editor (elevation, smoothing, texture painting) ? Customizable level launcher ? Xml file format The first beta is missing some features and some parts are place holder but you can already build your own levels If you want to follow us (game development will resume soon): [url=https://twitter.com/pinasterware]Twitter[/url] [url=https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pinaster-Games/535821633101070]Facebook[/url] Leave a feedback here or on the website. thanks   [twitter]pinasterware[/twitter]