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  1. Hi, congrats on pong. That's a great place to start. It seems helpful to work your way up through history. Maybe try missile command next.   If you want to improve the AI, do some research on Fuzzy logic and use some random numbers to offset the AI's success.   If you want to work as a team on files, you could set up a github account. I personally just set up an FTP server and place all my files inside of a shared folder. I use FileZilla and FileZilla server for that.   Finally, I've never worked on a multiplayer game so someone might give better advice, but generally, if your code is modular enough, you don't have to change a ton.   You're at a good starting point and the fact that you have someone to work with and talk to is fantastic.
  2. Yes. Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. If I could upvote that answer again I would.
  3. Hey all,  This might need to go into the beginner section, but I believe this is the place.   I want to create a sphere that exudes light from specific vertices. Some areas dark, and some areas shining light back out.   Here are my thoughts: Use Nvidia's cg to create specific areas of refraction or reflection Add various lights around the sphere   What I don't understand: How to create custom lights (I'm using unity 3D) -Something with random points of emission -spot lights with short range and acute spot angle (multiple preferably from one light object)   Finally, what would be the most gpu efficient solution to creating an effect like this?  
  4. csliva

    Hello World!

    @Navyman That's fascinating. I'll have to look into that. The setting will be fantasy. Probably some form of a post-apocalyptic world. I'm feeling a large Ancient Greek influence. Crumbling pillars and hints to a world of lost art. @jbadams Thanks! Any comments like these light some fire under me to keep working. @Dylan_DE Set adventure. The random generation would be possible for some sort of an endless maze mode. However, I am a screenwriter and so I treasure the story of a set adventure. 
  5. csliva

    Beginning graphics

    As an addition to the game library, it seems you might be confused about just how graphics move. This is usually done in an update loop that changes what the user sees based on events. For example in pong, the up key (event) will be held for 200 milliseconds. Based on this, the paddle might move 20 pixels. The update loop redraws the screen and provides the new image. Events are controlled by often controlled by booleans. Is upkey pressed? There is also some opportunity for animators to run a sequence of images when an event happens. Hopefully this doesn't insult your intelligence and someone else could probably give a more cohesive explanation. I just have been thinking about that question recently. How do images actually move?
  6. csliva

    Beginning graphics

    Light weight Java Game Library or lwjgl - http://lwjgl.org/   I believe it is a binding for OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL, and GLSL.   Minecraft used this library. It could be fun to try and create some minecraft mods to get some learning in.  http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Basic_Modding.   It looks like you want to do 2D as your ultimate goal though so you can look here http://lwjgl.org/wiki/index.php?title=Space_Invaders_Example_Game
  7. csliva

    Game Engine, How do I make one

    http://www.gamedev.net/topic/633334-create-a-game-engine/   Specifically - http://scientificninja.com/blog/write-games-not-engines
  8. csliva

    Hello World!

    I will as soon as I figure out exactly where I'm going! I'm still deciding between art styles and since it's only me, I manage to backtrack myself a lot. Game dev is oddly rewarding and self-destructive at the same time...
  9. csliva

    Hello World!

    Hello World! I recently just found these game journal and realized it would probably be a really awesome way to make some e-friends, keep a log, and get some feedback. Here's the lowdown on what I'm doing System - OUYA! Engine - Unity Dimensions - 3D all the way Perspective - First Person RPG "The world is shrouded in darkness and you are the only source of light! You must explore through the dark in order to charge some light crystals and bring the light back." I'm going to spend a lot of time on the modeling so the world is fairly explorable. Also, I want to get my first Kickstarter ever going for this. The OUYA free the games fund (the controversial one) will double some amount over 10k. Getting 10k would be a huge blessing but doubling it would allow me to make something special. If that happened, I think it would be awesome to release the Unity project under an open source license. Mods? MODS! Or if people needed some free assets or example code. The OUYA was build to be modded in all sorts of aspects but that hasn't exactly taken off yet. It needs some probing. And if anyone actually reads this, thank you. The internet is a huge, huge place and my words aren't so important in the great scheme of the web oracle.
  10. csliva

    Looking to Hire a Team

    From the very very little I know about all of this, I'll give my opinion.   1. A 6 month dev time for those kind of assets seems crazy to me, but I've only worked on my own tiny projects. 2. A bare bones team might be this.  --You, the manager/producer --A game design, level design, script writer --FX oriented artist --Modeling oriented artist --AI oriented programmer --Perhaps another general programmer --Sound engineer 3. I feel that an experienced game designer can really help a game. Sort of how a ship's crew can sail but a proper captain can give direction. 4. (3?) There are forums for everything. If you learn a little about each craft you can find all the forums you need to approach these people. Also check into local game jams. 5ish. Experience is always a good thing. You could make an epic game with 25k. Maybe do a smaller project to get your feet wet. Take all that with a grain of salt since I'm a noob with a few soul projects of my own.
  11. csliva

    Going for Impressionism in 3D Assets

    I actually am slightly here for lighting advice but I didn't want to overload the question. Since the darkness is a sort of quirky gameplay aspect I think it will need to be tweaked to perfection in order to make it enjoyable. All of the artistic advice has been written down and taken to heart. Also, I am very excited that you want to see more! That's the feel good part of this business.   I think you are mostly correct. I had the notion that the lower level of light would force people to look closer at textures revealing the color, full of life. I have impressionistic painting rotating as my background in hopes to absorb the style through osmosis. Once I get a proof of concept thing going perhaps it will become more apparent if the low-light premise will work. 
  12. Hey all, Let me preface this by saying I'm a shit drawer and would not call myself an artist, impressionist, or anything that takes lots of experience.  I'm making a low-light 3D game for OUYA. I want to use fairly simple assets with low poly counts but make them very attractive (with practice) by sort of texturing them with a starry-starry night impressionism. Here's a screenshot of my attempt. If any artists want to give me advice or if any skilled experienced 3D pros want to warn me against wasting time I would greatly appreciate it. [attachment=18639:pre-alphaVG.png]  (P.S I see that annoying blue line...I've tried a million times to find it and fix it)
  13. if it is your first game, make it free to maximize exposure, if it is good enough to keep players interested you have a great place to market your future games.     I agree with Simon.   Personally, I prefer it when people have a donate page on their game site rather than ads popping up all the time. People with money will be generous if they like what you've made. So what if 1000 people play your game and only 1 persons gives you money for it. What if that one person gives you 10,000 dollars? Stranger things have happened.   Well, I won't be posting the link because this isn't my thread. But some of these responses give me hope for the game industry. Also I may have added some links to my sig because...y'know marketing issues.
  14. I made an iOS/android/kindle game that I spent about 4 or 5 months on. I think I've gotten about 8 downloads. My problem is I'm a marketing doofus and really failed to get the word out. But yeah, definitely a depressed potato.  I wouldn't call my game a diamond. More like a thing I want people to play and see. Also some money to pay for food would be cool.
  15. csliva

    Scaling upgrade cost

    Altar of science- Yeah, I'm a doof. I meant (n*100)^2. Usually my head is somewhere else from what I'm actually doing. I like the way cubes turn out. That seems to be a good solutions but I will have to actually implement it and test it to see if difficulty escalates properly. Walking the line between difficulty and "Nintendo Hard" is always a fine one. powerneg-  1) I considered using an array (or table in this case of this Lua game). {500,2000,8000,n} However, math usually is much more precise than I am. Also, an algorithm provides the ability for never ending upgrades, and that is always a fun prospect.  2)Of course the game should be balanced. I'm not sure what you mean here. The intent is that the more the user upgrades, the more they can earn. It's fun as a gameplayer to look back and say, "When I first started, I got 20 bucks my first run through. Now I get over 9000".
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