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  1. SureLockHomes

    Best C# libraries

    I guess I'll try that, any good tutorials for it?
  2. SureLockHomes

    Best C# libraries

    Hi I would like to know some of the best c# libraries for making games, I have used XNA for little while but I want something cross-platform and still up to date.
  3. I want to know how to make 2D sprites like textures and stuff for games along with how to program, also animations (ex. a sword swing).  What software would I use to do this or where could I find people to make textures? I am using C++ with SFML most likely if that matters.
  4. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    Out of curiosity, why do you think you'll get The One True Answer if it's never been given before in the thousands of times this question has been asked?   And you just answered your own question.   Any of them. Seriously, you're very likely (as in 100% likely if you actually have any interest in programming) to learn several languages as you go through life making games. Using one now doesn't prevent you from using a different one later. Just pick whichever one you enjoy working in the most. And if there isn't one that stands out as particularly interesting or enjoyable to you, put them on a dart board and throw darts until you hit one. Seriously. Good luck   Im going with C++, any suggestions on libraries for a 2D game, I will eventually start 3D so I was thinking SFML but it seems so tedious to set up.
  5. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    Ok C++, I found myself enjoying it more today.
  6. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    If you hit all the languages with a dart, you set them up on your dart board wrong ;) I can't find a dartboard xD
  7. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    Still stuck on the decision.
  8. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    Challenge Accepted.
  9. SureLockHomes

    What language do I use?

    Ok so I know it's been asked a thousand times, but what language truly should be used to make good quality games. You can use any and there isn't a specific one, but based on the fact that I know a small-medium amount in C#(XNA framework), C++(just basic stuff), and Python(a little more than I know about C++)...which should I try to learn the most in right now for developing an independent, most likely 2D, game? I don't really have a preference on which one I like the best, I also would like to note that I plan on a future in game design, be it independent or professional(at a AAA company).
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