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  1. Hello developers,    I want to introduce you to our multiplayer game framework. Proven for 2 years, the framework is Java based for the server side, and Flash or JavaScript (html5) based for the client side. We do support mobile and PC and is all online - so you don't need to make iPhone app, android app, etc..your players just need any kind of browser and that's it.   Please check out the framework features list HERE   Please take a look at the documentation and examples HERE   We have build entire game portal using it, take a look at it here  www.lan.bg For instance - it took 1 man 7 days to build our "Ludo" game including the server, the client, the graphical design and the game logic+ AI   Depending on connections number you can use the framework for FREE (if you are building small game with less connections) or for bigger companies with lots of players (and connections) - you have to pay small monthly based tax.    The documentation is very very detailed , but if you have and questions, suggestions, offers, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@lan.bg or by post here.