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  1. A great Tcp server Project

    i have money dude ,, i am not alone ,, so to can do this project from a to z how much money i will need ?
  2. A great Tcp server Project

    so now can you tell me ,, can i really find the one who can create this to me ?!
  3. A great Tcp server Project

    what is the risk ?? there is already 2 servers exists to the game !! www.pes6j.net and a russian server also
  4. A great Tcp server Project

    it is up to the creator :)
  5. hey all ! i hope everyone is fine here ,, i really happy to be here   this project to is of great importance ,, i am not a programmer ,, but i need help from anyone any team ,, etc .   also i can pay money tho creator of this project respecting to his hard job   first i want to create an online server for the game Pes6 ( pro evolution soccer 2006 ) ,, it has already 2 servers exists but i need to have my own one !!    now i need to code the server and i talked with the creator of one of the 2 servers and he told me about the requirments of the project   ( TCP Server, responding to specific packets. )   i have a word file about what he said to me so i will upload it and i will wait for help   thanks to everyone   here is the word file   http://www.mediafire.com/view/?b5wc69lgwg866cx