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  1. New blog post on my website about a song I wrote last weekend.
  2. HELP! Problems with Multi-User Voicechat through JAVA

    Thank you very much for the feedback. This is all pretty technical but I do understand what you're saying.   So basically, the project is feasible, but very difficult and requires that the developers be skilled in various discplines.   We were pretty much happy with the result except for the fact that the echo kept ruining all the conversations. And then, echo + distortion from 1 or more users would just make the entire experience very poor.   Then we came at a cross-roads.... do we find a new developer to finish what we started? (since the others gave up). Or, do we start over, from scratch, with a different technology.... (according to me, Google Hangout doesn't use Java, neither does Facebook chat, so why should we?)..   But I myself am more of a webdeveloper rather than programmer... So i really appreciate your input!
  3. Eindelijk!! "@TotalOVNL: 220 euro boete voor hard bellen of muziek afspelen in het openbaar vervoer"
  4. Every morning b4 I go 2 work, I spend some time on my album. Damn hard to do it on your own, but the sense of freedom & pride is wonderful!
  5. Hi guys, I need some advice from anyone familiar with voice-chat applications / java.   A couple of months ago we hired developers to build us a voice-chat.   Among the functional requirements were   1. it had to be browser-based, integrated on a website, without making the user download an external application (except java) 2. it had to handle more than 3 users at a time, even 5 or 10+ 3. It had to be a square box, integrated within a website, where each user was assigned a simple avatar (a square image) 4. If avatars moved towards each other, the audio level would increase, as they moved away the audio would decrease (proximity effect)     Unfortunately, the developers came across 2 major problems.    1. There was this annoying echo during the chat. Sometimes nasty high-pitched feedback whenever the offending user came close. This ruined the entire experience.   2. It didn't work for everybody, some people had clean audio, others sounded like an old distorted walkie-talkie.   The developers built in a volume-test which the users could use before entering the chat, this to ensure the right levels. They even tried some sort of echo-cancellation or voice activation, which would stop the audio streams whenever the user wasn't talking..   But none of these solutions worked effectively.. In any case, months later the developers simply gave up. They said they tried everything, but 'since it's browser-based, the necessary calculations to perform echo cancellation cannot be achieved'. As for why it didn't work with certain users, we never had an explanation. We are to receive a RAR archive with the scripts, and that's it, end of story...      Again, what we wanted was a voice-chat, between 3-5 people, with skype-quality audio, without the need to wear headsets. My questions are:   1. Was JAVA a bad idea from the start?    2. What alternatives/approaches do you suggest for a webbased voice chat?   3. Should we let go of the 'no external download' requirement? (if a plugin solves the issue, heck why not)     Thanks a million for your tips!    VPME          
  6. Pff 8 anja den mi cas ta biba redelijk lekker... Awo ma hanja bisinja nobo cu ta *papia mi idioma* anto ful e gang...