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  1. Hi,   I've been a serious composer for games (indie, advergames...) for a while, and I'm currently looking for a team. If you are passionate about what you do, and have an interesting project, I would love to help you and join the project.   Here you might find a lot of types of music, from chiptune to rock and orchestra:   www.soundcloud.com/gustavo-barcamor   Thanks!
  2. Hi!   I'm a professional composer since 2006, but since some of my music end up being rejected or just not used, I thought about posting them as royalty free music for anyone to use.   There are 6 songs for now, but I'm posting more songs later. Here's the link for the playlist:   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUOA-eLZ9NTgkFXczy8ywuoRE3V_pFk-W Let me know if you like it.   Bye!
  3. Hi! (sorry in advance  for my english)   My name is Gustavo Barcamor, and I've been a professional composer since 2006. I specialized in games in 2010. Did some international jobs too, but since i work in Brazil, I would like to talk to you about how is videogames music doing around the world, for those of us who are not big in the industry. I have a lot of experience, since I've been working here as a composer for games by Intel, LG, P&G... but it's not common here. Did some music for amazing indie games too, and I feel indie is the way to go for most of us.   Anyway, my portfolio is here: LATEST JOB: ONE I SPECIALLY LIKE:   General stuff (not only for games): www.soundcloud.com/gustavo-barcamor I hope you enjoy! And now I'm going to listen to your songs too. Bye!
  4. Methropoly

    Game Music from Brazil - Little Portfolio

    Hi, guys! New stuff on my page:   https://soundcloud.com/gustavo-barcamor/avenum-avatar-main-theme-epic   Hope you enjoy!
  5. Methropoly

    Music by Python Blue

    For me the piano is right. The bass is getting a little in the way, so the piano sounds buried. It's a beautiful tune. Congrats.
  6. Awsome! I don't see it as a "battle moment". Of course it has action, but to me it sounds like a stage theme for an action game. If that's what you meant, no comments. Amazing. Where did you get those sounds? I have some nes sound simulators, but never could find 16bit like simulators.
  7. Hi! I agree with xiaoan about the compression. I felt this happened on all those parts in "My Favourites" that have drums. I have a good thing to say: I like the fact you create short ideas and explore that. It's a good thing, even if someone says "it's repetitive sometimes" (and sometimes i felt it is), but I garantee you it's a good thing. Anyone who learns to explore short musical ideas, becomes great composer. But it takes time, praticing a lot, listening a lot, and learning a lot. Besides the compression thing, the only comment (and I wouldn't even call it "negative") is that I couldn't figure out some of the variations in the songs. I think you focus on variation of notes (or phrases) when it's more efective to focus on "mood" variations (or climatic variations). I might be saying a lot of crap. Its difficult to me to express in english. But I think you have talent. Don't waste it ignoring all the stuff it's there for us to absorve. Go study, go listen, go learn. (-:
  8. Methropoly

    Game Music from Brazil - Little Portfolio

    Hey, thanks! It seems I found another square wave lover.   I use that a lot. The Sonic thing is another coincidence: actually, when I delivered the first songs for my first professional game soundtrack, the art director made a comment related to some new version of Sonic that was released that year. It is, of course, one of my influences. 
  9. Methropoly

    MIDI Sequencing/Mapping

    That sounds interesting, but I would have the same doubts as you. My experiences in midi sequencing are exactly the same as yours. /-: There was a couple of times when I had to draw curves on tempo track to sync music and video. That's all...
  10. Methropoly

    Critique my tracks

    Jack, I never expect much when I listen to someone's work, but you are an amazing composer. I'm truly impressed. "Silly" is my favourite. It's beatiful. what do you use for the "old fashion" sounds?
  11. Hi, everyone!   I'm a professional composer from Brazil. Here I've been working on some advergames for companies like Coca-Cola, LG, P&G... Game industry in Brazil is too small yet, but I thought it would be cool to share some stuff with you guys. (this gamedev forum is so huge, compared to brazilian one)   I always loved 8bit music (I grew up with that), but I try to work with a lot of different music styles, from chiptune to big orchestra... sometimes mixing it up.   Anyway, here goes some of my music for games:   www.soundcloud.com/gustavo-barcamor   You might notice that most of them are already looped once... But not all were made for actual works; some I did just for experimentation, or fun.   Thank you very much!  Sorry my english.
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