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  1. silkroadgame

    My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Thx!But we have no tutorial..... We've made another new character here:
  2. Emm,not bad,but not so attracting too.
  3. silkroadgame

    Niño, a (free) game for iPhone and iPad

    Interesting game.
  4. silkroadgame

    [Official] Anime Ninja - Web Based Game Naruto

    Nice! I like Naruto!
  5. Congratulations! Your game is nice.
  6. silkroadgame

    My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Another view.
  7. silkroadgame

    3D Adventure Game

    Your environments are very nice!
  8. silkroadgame

    Chummy Fishes [Action Puzzle] Post GGJ 2014 production

    Nice project!I like your arts!
  9. silkroadgame

    Super Kart Racing for iOS and Android

    Your arts are looking nice! You did these too?
  10. silkroadgame

    My Graphics:3D Characters!

    The front of the train.  
  11. silkroadgame

    Improve your algorithm skills with our game

    Project is looking nice!
  12. silkroadgame

    My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Hello,guys, This is our last work,a train for game. I like our models and textures a lot,what do you think?Any feedback are welcome!  
  13. silkroadgame

    My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Thanks!   Here's our boot.
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