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  1. My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Thx!But we have no tutorial..... We've made another new character here:
  2. Emm,not bad,but not so attracting too.
  3. Niño, a (free) game for iPhone and iPad

    Interesting game.
  4. [Official] Anime Ninja - Web Based Game Naruto

    Nice! I like Naruto!
  5. Congratulations! Your game is nice.
  6. My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Another view.
  7. 3D Adventure Game

    Your environments are very nice!
  8. Chummy Fishes [Action Puzzle] Post GGJ 2014 production

    Nice project!I like your arts!
  9. Super Kart Racing for iOS and Android

    Your arts are looking nice! You did these too?
  10. My Graphics:3D Characters!

    The front of the train.  
  11. Improve your algorithm skills with our game

    Project is looking nice!
  12. My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Hello,guys, This is our last work,a train for game. I like our models and textures a lot,what do you think?Any feedback are welcome!  
  13. My Graphics:3D Characters!

    Thanks!   Here's our boot.