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    SDL - inconsistent timing of sounds...?

    I think if you don't have a realtime OS you cannot guarantee that timing is perfectly accurate. The problem could also be your soundcard. Musicians have external soundinterfaces with ultra low latency but this is just a guess. For windows you could try asio drivers and for linux the jack audio system.
  2. I had a course on compilers, grammars and such stuff but that was some years ago. I think languages which are context sensitive and can therefore be described by context free grammars are a big problem. When I am at home I will have a look at my book from the course and tell you some more about the topic.
  3. sbradl

    mvc ,games and multicore

    Intel has a very interesting paper about multithreading in games ( The idea in short: let each subsystem (rendering, physics, AI) operate on their on data. So every subsystem starts with a copy of the initial data. When for example the physics calculation leads to a movement of an object, an event for this movement is generated. Subsystems which are interested in this event can handle it (e.g. renderer updates its own data with the data from the event).
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