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  1. MisterFuzzy.... as anybody out there with commonsense can see, you're trolling me. You don't have any games in the works and why would I ever work with someone as dense as you? This forum is really taking a nose dive in my view. Bunch of 10 year old redditers here
  2. simple techno loops? was that an attempt to insult me? BTW who the hell are you? I can accept arguments from people who have been on this forum for more than HOURS
  3. guys, although you clearly feel very secure that your passive aggressive paragraphs long explanations defending your actions are justified, you fail to realize that I haven't sold anything. I've offered my services for free. Nobody is going to pay to offer their services for free. I'm not that desperate and let's be honest, there are other development forums that have just as many good people on them and they haven't treated me like this.   I think you guys have been locked up in internet land a bit too long.  Let's think about some other ways Nate could have handled the situation with my previous topic:   1. Not instantly locked the thread and said "hello, I don't understand sarcasm, can you please clarify if you are trying to sell your services? If so, that goes in the classified section." 2. Sent a PM, knowing full well that this kind of post is harmless, giving me a chance to adjust the post myself   You guys aren't dumb. And I know I'm not crazy. I'm also 100% sure that this has happened before. I think you're just going to lock this thread and mark it as irrelevant, but I sincerely hope you think about the process here and how it could scare good people away. Unless that's your goal. Prove me wrong.
  4. HEY GUYS   wow um just wanted to say hello and take a listen to my music if you get a chance. Definitely not saying I'm here to work on any projects. Just trying to introduce myself in a way that doesn't get my thread instantly locked.   No idea, honestly I think I might just say peace out to this forum if that's what the admins do (lock threads without saying hello, that sort of thing)   a bit miffed now... 
  5. Doni

    Music Samples

    A few of my music samples :)
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