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  1. http://rt.com/usa/microsoft-nsa-snowden-leak-971/ not sure if srs xD
  2. This is about using http://www.visualstudio.com/ for source control on a sensitive project.I'm not talking about theft from the outside, but from the inside.Like...I know this will sound paranoid, but...really there isn't anything stopping Microsoft from searching their databases for keywords like "high-performance", "next-gen", "sensitive", "money", "funds", etc.I mean it's their server, their encryption algorithms and it doesn't matter what it says in your license file if they can steal code without anyone knowing.Of course I'm not saying that I think they're targeting me or anyone specific.It's more like doing large-scale searches for valuable source code.They can also give stolen game engine code to the studios that work on Xbox exclusives.   INB4 "Tinfoil Hats!"
  3. As others have said IQ tests are awesome for measuring your ability to take IQ tests and IMHO Mensa is just intellectual collective masturbation. Seriously, stop worrying about how smart you are or aren't. Go do something. You're on this site so you are clearly interested in game development, what games have you made lately?    working on a game engine with a friend for some time now, it's going great, thanks
  4. I put a //TODO: *whatever there is to do* at that place in the code and I periodically Ctrl + f //TODO:  to find the places where I have something to fix and as a rule I never commit if a single //TODO exists in the code.That way I'm compelled to fix them as soon as I can.Also I've made it a habit to recognize places where things have a tendency to become "tricky", basically the places that will be responsible for a lack of flexibility and the need to use some not so good method/hack and I spend extra care planning the big picture on these places, so I'm sure that everything will go as planned.I used to use a lot more hacks in the past when I had the habit of thinking as I code, but when I started to actually plan my stuff on paper, the tendency to use hacks reduced greatly.
  5. What do you think about IQ tests?I'm too scared to take one in real life, I need to find some print of an official MENSA test online.So far only ripoff sites.
  6. I find extremely disturbing that you claim those abilities and then have a so closed mind about intelligence. I think your main problem might be self-confidence but I'm rather sure you shouldn't be posting there. Consider talking to a specialist.   yeah what I meant was that basically this is the stereotypical "smart guy" type of intelligence and it makes me the most agitated when I don't excel in it xD thanks to everyone for sharing their similar experiences, at least if I ever have children I'll know not to over-praise them like this
  7. Ok it's like I feel like an insect.I don't know if I really was or wasn't gifted as a child.I'm smarter than most my peers, but I don't really feel exceptional and YET from a young age everyone - parents, teachers, peers kept telling me that I was an absolute genius, gifted, etc.They kept saying that I'm gonna be great, that I'm a sponge that absorbs information, that I'm a living computer?!And yet I never had any achievements, there was never a reason for them to be impressed.I have 0 achievements.But all this changed me in a bad way.It's like I assumed I'm smart and destined to be successful, so I never put any effort in anything.By the age of 19 I couldn't solve a quadratic equation.I only speak 3 languages(unlike actual prodigies who speak 20-40).But my ego is damaged from the childhood of falsely being called a genius...and now I feel like I'm being crushed every time I read about an actual prodigy.Like this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_James_Sidis  Reading about this guy I have the impression that compared to him the guy from the movie "Limitless" is a retard...and compared to the guy in the movie "Limitless" I am a retard...yeah it's not a really good feeling.It's like I was lied to.I mean when I think about it it's almost INSANE.Every day all sorts of people would compliment me on my intelligence and I had NO achievements whatsoever.No skills, no nothing.My only skill is that I have supreme cognitive empathy - I can almost read peoples minds by the smallest signs of body language, change of tone or facial expressions that most people wouldn't even recognize.I've always had this skill.But it's pretty much useless.The only intelligence type I respect is the mathematical/logical one and it's the one I'm lacking in.I learned all of high school math in 3 weeks(which Sidis would have learned in 1 day) and vector calculus in about 30 hours(which he would learn just by knowing the basics of calculus and vectors and deriving the rest on  his own) in order to get into a university with programming and here's what I noticed there: A lot of people who study something related to tech have the tendency to base their worth on their intellectual abilities and react negatively when proven inferior. How do you guys feel about this?  
  8. This is sort of a sequal to http://www.gamedev.net/topic/645932-fastest-learning-path-to-spherical-harmonics/, but in a more general sense So after I go trough the foundations(calc 1-3 and differential equations) what would you recommend as the next progression and what books would you recommend?I'm looking for all-around books that cover topics from analysis, but it's so broad, that I'm not sure where to branch to.Also about the books - are there any authors that are commonly accepted in the math community as "the best"?It would make it easier, because I'm not sure what learning sources to use. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/topics/CalculusandAnalysis.html Should I just search for authors of books related to these categories?It's obviously impossible to cover them all, but I'm not sure where to go, maybe I should make a list and write a description for each category and see which one I feel I should branch to and which one would teach me skills that I might decide that will be most useful. I'm most worried that I might end up learning a little bit of everything, but not ever gaining deep knowledge in one area.
  9. It seems that perfect memory or the ability for absolute recall plays a very large part.I mean in calculus you have to figure out the best way to transform/beat the equations into a desired shape, so someone who has every rule, every trig identity, all the tables of integrals perfectly stored in his head will be miles ahead of anyone else.I mean I frequently have to go back, because I forgot that I can easily replace *something* with *something else* in order to get *easy to solve equation*
  10. What was your roadmap, I mean did you have any set goals or did you just go with the flow and go from one category to the next naturally?I'm trying to learn my way into harmonic analysis, since it looks very interesting.Having some trouble, cause I haven't yet memorized all the trig identities and I keep going back to the written piece of paper to see them.
  11. Sock5

    What's up with you / how is life?

    Struggling at college as well, due to chronic inability to fall asleep at night, but I'm making progress step by step
  12. Just a quick question: how long did it take you guys to finish calculus 3?I know it's relative, I mean some people "finish" by just passing the exams, while others study 5 times more in their free time and gain deeper knowledge, but I'm looking for a raw estimate.Also it's a good idea to share at what intensity you learned.I mean some say "took calc 3 in 50 hours", but was it divided over a long period of time or just a week...or maybe even 50 hours straight?(some people can probably can do that).
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_child_prodigies I've been looking over this and also reading on different famous people like von Neumann and it seems that all of them demonstrated the ability to apply complex math at a young age.How did they learn that?I mean how does a 14 year old get access to books on harmonic analysis?Also how did they have the discipline to follow trough?I mean aren't people impulsive and inattentive in their teen years?I mean most kids wouldn't even find math interesting, let alone study advanced math with pleasure.I only started to get a slight interest in mathematics around age 20, before that I had never heard about stuff like Fourier series for instance.I feel like I wasted my youth, the math I learned in high school was basically nothing,, when I look at the volume we learned in high school, it looks like something you can learn in 1-3 weeks.12 years down the drain.
  14. Yeah the '2' is the value inside pixelFormat that I see when I hover over it when I put a breakpoint in the debug code.I tried using '1' and '2' directly and '1' works, however I have no idea what they mean.I couldn't find an online table of GL pixel formats and their related integers :/ .
  15. Using SetPixelFormat and passing 2 as a format crashes and GetLastError() gives me a code of 2000.I used the example code from Rastertek: http://www.rastertek.com/gl40tut03.html , but when I do it, it causes a crash.I have no idea how to proceed, I mean I can't even find what '2' means, it's probably  "RGBA 8 bits per channel", as it is described in the description array prior to the format creation, but why would it say it's invalid?
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