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  1. Thank you for this detailed description. I am surely going to read it.
  2. Looking forward to reading that article! You will really be helping us a lot, because even tough we will know a lot about C++ and SFML, we get kinda lost on that question, which is 'Where to start?'.   Anyway, I hope your article is going to solve our questions and we were actually planning to make a 2D game, so this is a bullseye!   EDIT : Please post a link to your article in this topic, so I can see it right away. Thanks!   Thanks again!
  3. First of all, let me say that I found this site very helpful and that I read the article on beginning game programming.   OK, so let me begin. Me and my friends have decided to learn C++ in detail (we know other programming langauges, but since we want to create a game in C++, we wanted to learn C++ in detail). We told ourselves to first watch thenewboston's C++ tutorials on Youtube, then read Beginning C++ Through Game Programming and after that study SFML in detail (since our game is going to be created in SFML). We also found some SFML tutorials on Youtube.   Altough I read almost every article on Beginning Game Programming, the thing that bugs me is that no one tells you how to actually start creating a game.   To clarify myself, when we do all of the stuff above and learn C++ and SFML, so we can write games, we don't know what to do first. Will it be creating a menu, or putting a background image, or importing characters (2D), I don't know.   So, that's my question. Can someone write something like :   'OK, this is how it should go :   1. Create a window for the game 2. Create a background image 3. Create a menu ...'   So when we start coding, we don't waste a lot of time figuring out what to do first (menu, background, window, importing characters, collision detection etc.), but we know what to do and use that time to code.   Thanks in advance!