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  1. Jeez, someone's touchy.   I used to go by MisterFuzzy, but that account became too cluttered, so I started a new one.   Perhaps you shouldn't get so a$$hurt whenever someone replies to your smart-a$$ comments.
  2. That doesn't mean that it's not a recruitment request - paid or not. Our long and "passive aggressive" paragraphs are written to inform, not cover up insecurity. Personally, I think you're a little embarrassed that your first post was tossed because you failed to read the stickied forum rules. This isn't a "Nice car - clearly compensating for something" deal. It's a matter of principle.   No, we've just been locked up in following-forum-rules land. It's really trending right now.   Yep! Newbies have failed to read he rules before posting before.   *Ahem!* Sorry, but I do enjoy a good argument.   All that being said, I'll consider contacting you if I can't get my regular sound guy - I do a lot of arcade games, so simple techno loops are pretty much my entire repertoire.