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  1. Dirt 3 realistic driving mod

    thank you guys for help. only thing is confusing-when i wrote dimensions in centimeters and weight in kg-result is too high values like (h 23 920 651), (w 22 897 005) and (d 5 283 854), if i divide it 10 000, tham maybe i get values that is "real". i can only guess what formula codemasters are using.    now it's clear how it works: there must be meters instead of centimeters :) now i have correct (i hope so) values (H 2392) (W 2289) (D 528). it's somehow works and car feels more realistic now. now i want to write down tyre wheel and engine inertias. i think there must be another formula for cylindrical object.
  2. Dirt 3 realistic driving mod

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_moments_of_inertia  maybe "Solid cuboid of height h, width w, and depth d, and mass m" this is what i need?
  3. Dirt 3 realistic driving mod

    Hello. I'm recently trying to make realistic driving mod in Dirt 3(as much as it possible in ego engine). But i can't determine what formula codemasters used to write down highlighted parameters. can anyone help me with this? Car is Subaru impreza WRX.      length 4465cm, or 175.8''   width 1740cm, or 68.5,   height 1430cm, or 56.3'',    kerb weight 1520 kg 3351 lb           i've raised values a bit, because car originally was too "light", and I need to make it "heavier". but since i want it to be as realistic as possible, i want real formulated values.     Video of mod is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvJk7Rh1lB0   p.s. sorry if i post in wrong place and thank you in advance for help!