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  1. Java or learn c++

    Thanks for all the answers everyone. Also I see what you mean Cornstalks. I am not doing anything complex enough right now for the language to affect it. My main thought was why learn java if it is obsolete to something else I could learn. Almost like why waste my time with it but like you said I will use java for other things in life so I might as well stay with it. Thanks again for everyone's input. Oh and one last thing. It seems like c++ is more widely used in game development than java. If this is true wouldn't there be more a lot more information online about creating games with it.
  2. Java or learn c++

    I have been learning java for the past 4 or 5 months. I started dabbling in making games about a month ago in java following some tutorials on YouTube and have found that I enjoy it quite a bit. I have been reading some of what people say around the internet and they say that c++ is much better for making games than java. I was wondering if I should switch to c++ and start learning it instead of continuing java. I haven't been able to decide and I hoped that you guys here would have more incite on this than anyone else on the internet. Thanks
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