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  1. itch.io - indie game hosting

      Thanks :) I'll be formally releasing the web framework (and documentation) soon.
  2. Hello everyone.     I released a a site about two weeks ago and I'm trying to spread it around. It's called itch.io:   http://itch.io   What I've created is an indie game marketplace/hosting site. It's really similar to Bandcamp if you've ever heard of that, except for games. Essentially it lets you upload your game, design a page for the game, then optionally set a minimum price on it. The game pages you create are entirely devoted to your game, and the theme editor is pretty flexible so you can make some pretty fancy pages. You can see an example page I put together for one of my ludum dare games here: http://leafo.itch.io/x-moon. There's is no branding for itch.io on the page except for a tiny link on the bottom. I really wanted to focus on making the game the most important thing, so there is no random crap on the game pages. The site hosts files and screenshots for you. I store it on Google Cloud Storage, so the downloads are fast and reliable. The payment system is PayPal for the time being. I take a 10% cut of all transactions as a fee for hosting (still trying to figure out this number). Adding a price to your game is completely optional, if you never link a PayPal email address then people can download your game for free. I also just recently added analytics to the game pages. I track downloads and visits to game pages and show a nice graph. Anway, I worked pretty hard on this. I think a pay-what-you-want model is a pretty powerful idea for indie games, so it would mean a lot me if you could check it out. I'm still actively developing it so I'd love any feedback or feature requests. Thanks! Also I have a development blog here: http://leafo.tumblr.com