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  1. Hey everyone, do you know the Warcraft III Map Warlock? I've always wanted to create a game like this as a standalone.   For the ones who don't know what it is: Warlock is a "kind of 3D" round based game where every player is a caster/magician=warlock. The arena is a platform, surrounded by lava. You watch from a spot above the platform, so it is not a first person. It is more like the view in "Diablo-style-games". Now, the goal is to push everyone else off the platform into the lava, so they lose health. You lose health when using maybe a certain ability, being on the lava and getting hit by an ability. You can buy abilites and items with gold in a shop. You gain gold when being one of the last to die in this round, killing someone or making a lot of damage. So after only one magician is left, the shop appears and you can buy abilites like fireballs/laser/teleport and boots/additional health/etc. You can set the number of rounds, after which the game is over, so a winner is determined. During a round, the stone platform shrinks by time and the lower the health of a warlock, the further it gets pushed by a fireball/laser/bouncing ball/etc.   Why I haven't done it yet? I did, and got frustated after two weeks because I didn't know how to do it. Meanwhile, I've been practicing a lot of programming, tried some engines and created small applications and games. I'm studying computer science and in the next semester I will start Games Engeneering as a second bachelor. I would like to start this project with 2-4 people who are passionate about games, would like to work in a team and have the time to do so. I am looking for at least one graphics designer for models and one developer. It can be open source, I am not looking to getting any money out of this, still that doesn't mean we can't. I want to do this, because I love games. I want to think of this as a learning experience and I think it is fun to make games.     The technical outline: I am familiar with C++ and C# and have immediate to advanced skills in Java. Therefore I want to create this game in Java with the jMonkeyEngine, but if there are any better suggestions, I am willing to consider those. I know, Java does not have the best performance, blabla. But I am working on a Mac, I know a lot work on Linux and some on Windows. Hence, it is alot easier to manage the project. I want to do the code management with git. Plus, this game won't as much power to run as a 3D ego-shooter and even those exist, written in Java.   What do you think? Is this project possible with 3-5 persons? How about the technical outline? Suggestions or recommendations? Interested? Great, just post! Any other things you want to tell me?   Have a nice weekend!