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  1. WFP

    Volumetric Clouds

    Screenshots of volumetric clouds implementation.
  2. WFP

    Capsule Inertia Tensor

    Hi Bojan,   Nice article!  I have a few questions that you can probably clear up for me.   First, it seems that the 'float3 &cm' argument is not being used for anything, and is just being hardcoded to 0 at the end of the method.  Is this intentional?  If so, is there a point to actually having it?   Second, am I correct in understanding that for capsules of varying masses, we would simply multiply a value representing the density by the result stored in 'float &mass'?  Or is there a bit more to it than that?  In other words, using the above code, how do I distinguish a representation of an object with mass 100 kg versus an object with mass 20 kg?   Thanks,   WFP
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