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  1. thank you all


    CryoGenesis - thanks, i will look into replacing the sprite loading code, and separating the code a bit more. i will also looking into getting a book on game programming math and physics.

    tufflax - yes i do realize that they do pretty much the same stuff - will change it.

    thank you both.

  2. Hello everyone,


    it would be nice if some of you guys can review my code for my pong game. this is the first game i have ever written, i used this tutorial but i adapted it to pong instead,  so there will be a lot of code that is similar if not the same to the tutorial but i fully understand the code. i also found a FPS class online and used that with a some minor changes.


    thank you


    p.s. if the images dont display, add them to the Pong\bin\com\pyro\sprite\





  3. Hello everyone,


    my name is Pyrotemplar, i am new to this forums, ever since i was in high school i wanted to be a game developer, after community college i attend a university where i earned a BS in Computer Science, where i took most of my classes in c++ with 1 java elective. after grudation i started working for a software development company where i undertook a 8 weeks training course in java-core-servlets-jsp-spring-hibernate. i been at this company for 4 month now as a Software engineer/java developer and i have also become Java Programmer certified. 


    i do not have any game developer experience, about  2 days ago i decided to start by making a pong game in java, i followed a tutorial for Space invader but manipulated the code for pong, the game it self is only basics, ball movement, collision detection and keyboard input. nothing fancy but after all it is my first game.


    i have about 2-3 years of C++ school experience and about 4 month of java(working mainly on websites back-end servlets and spring)


    where should i go from here?


    p.s. i read here that i should submit my code for a code review, where would i do that?


    thank you.



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