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  1. Completly new

    This website was a wealth of information for me when I first picked up XNA: here You have XNA as a tag but I don't know if XNA can be used in C++. There is someone on here that has made step by step tutorials using C++ and SFML or whatever the acronym is, I'll edit my post if I find his signature for you and credit him. EDIT: Found his signature say thanks to Serapth! : Tutorial
  2. How to make 2D sprites and animations?

    I use Gimp to make my sprites, I recommend using it's grid lines feature so you can make your spritesheets more effectively. There are so many programming tutorials on the internet it's insane, I would check the forums here for some. You have to be carefull with the artwork you get off the internet. Make sure it's not copyrighted or someone else's property, you can always ask them permission I believe. You can search for royalty free resources on google.