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  1.   I agree with you. But I played around with it a bit and I think it sounds good now https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/extremely-juicy-audio     how do I make it more gripping and dynamic? maybe change things up like tempo and more variation in the song? I'll have to look into look into the theory more, thanks for the advice.
  2. I think I have to nail this song! I'll try one last time.   I think what I'll do is just get a punchier drum sound. also, maybe play around a bit with the EQ on the drums instead of a full on low pass filter.   I was also thinking of adding a more high end sound.   thanks for the reply.
  3.   Done: https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/juicier-audio
  4. Okay, is this better? https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/juicy-audio   it's a new track I made, not sure how much you guys are into rave though.   I used sidechaining to remove the squashiness after a drum note is played. (dunno how I managed to do it though, just twisted some knobs and mashed some buttons until it sounded good).     Sounds interesting, what exactly is a triplet and a shuffle?
  5. Thanks for the input Ollie.   I think I've figured out a solution to my compression problem: sidechaining. I didn't understand it at first but I've watched some tutorials and know what it's about now.   Working on a new track.
  6. thanks for the reply man.   I get what you mean, my brother says that also, that I change mood and style too often in the middle of a song. It's probably just a lack of experience as I tend to get bored with the feel of the track and want to try something new.   I'll definitely look into fixing this compression issue. that was something I noticed aswell but just took out some of the low end and hoped for the best .   and thanks! I'll read a few things and maybe pay attention to my lecturers more. .
  7. I think I get what you mean.   I read some things online, is it where some instruments are drowned out while others play? giving a strange zoning in and out?   I think that's particularly bad in this track: https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/num15b.   Is there steps I can take to reduce this? like, playing around with the attack and release on the console?   thanks for the input.
  8.     thanks for the reply.   what does it mean when a song is overly compressed? can you elaborate on this swelling feeling?   I'm sure someone has explained compression and the 'loudness war' to me yet I don't know much about it. must have zoned out for that talk .
  9. Hello!   I'm a student currently studying at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Ireland. I don't actually know how to read music or much of the theory, but I have a good ear (I think) and have been producing a good few tunes the last year or so.   I know the basics of how a DAW works, but am looking to improve.   so anyway, here's my list of favourite tracks that I've done: https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/sets/my-favourites   any constructive criticism? (you can be as harsh as you like!)   (ps. if you follow me I'll have a listen to your sounds, and might even follow back  ).
  10. Weaksauce

    Got Soundcloud?

    Just a few of my faves that I did:   https://soundcloud.com/weaksauce-3/sets/my-favourites   A lot of awesome music in this thread btw.
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