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  1. Completly new

    Ok thank you :)
  2. Completly new

    thank you guys you have all been helpfull i am learning and using c# as i am writing this lol, thanks especially to inuyashakagome16 i think is how you spell it :/ for that rb whitaker's link i found it incredibly helpfull but still nothing on how to make menus and things? :/ but you have all been fantastic help to me and if you do have any knowlege on how to make a menu i would most appreciate it as that is my first step in making my game. once agian thank you and i hope i can one day show you (when im more experienced) some of the work i will create big thank you to you guys please continue being a big help to poeple :)
  3. Completly new

    Thank you guys as i said im completly new but i am willing to learn, would it be best for me to learn c# or c++ first because most game companies i see taking on people and they ask for c++ knowlege and java based but at the moment i just want to learn basic scripting and so on so im not sure what language to learn first :/
  4. Completly new

    Hi im completly new to game developing and i have decided to try and learn how to create a full working game. I know through experience that its no way near easy as just "making a game" so i was wondering if anyone could help learn c++ or some simple coding to perhaps learn the basics. Im thinking of doing a max payne 3 style of modding lobbies (there are two lobbies, non modded and modded) so i would not be using the skill to do anything illegal but i can use scipting on the game to help me learn the basic language. If anyone can help me please let me know thank you. :)
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