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  1. Im new here so im guessing this is the right spot for this question.   Im using Game Maker Studio and im making an android game i have a code that is a universal script but im not sure how to place it into my game. I was wondering if i could get some help with it   { // Set the size of the display globalvar DISPLAY_WIDTH, DISPLAY_HEIGHT; if (YoYo_GetPlatform() == os_ios && YoYo_GetDevice() == 2) { DISPLAY_WIDTH = 1024; DISPLAY_HEIGHT = 768; } else { DISPLAY_WIDTH = 960; DISPLAY_HEIGHT = 640; } // Set the views in the rooms room_set_view_enabled(room_title,true); room_set_view(room_title,0,true,(1024 - DISPLAY_WIDTH) div 2, (768 - DISPLAY_HEIGHT) div 2,DISPLAY_WIDTH,DISPLAY_HEIGHT, 0,0,DISPLAY_WIDTH,DISPLAY_HEIGHT,0,0,-1,-1,-1); // Add views for the other rooms here // Now go to the title menu room room_goto(room_title); }   Im trying to figure out where i should put my room names for the size adjustment to take place,I have been messing around with this for awhile and i havnt been able to come up with anything.Can someone help me out?
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