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  1. Where to start?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Where to start?

    I've been trolling around the internet looking for ideas on how to begin working on my own game development but I haven't had much luck on how to start. I have learned bits an pieces of numerous programming languages through both university and proffesional experience but nothing that I think can be used in game development.   My ultimate goal is to create a 2D, sprite based hockey game similar to EA's NHL series on the genesis and SNES but based on Division 1 college hockey. I'd like to add features such as a full dynsasty style mode similar to the one used in the NCAA football games in which the user selects a school and plays through multiple seasons, develops players, recruits players during the offseason, competes for national championships, etc.   As I said this is the ultimate goal and I understand baby steps would be necessary for someone like me with limited programming knowledge. I realize this may be a very open ended question but where do I start? What language/development environment would be best suited to design and develop something like this? Is there a book or books that I should look into reading?
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