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  1. I did every point of this article back when I was at university (some for the course, some for a project) and feel that I came out better for it. Sure, I forget the specifics of the X file format (and more), but I know how these things work behind the scenes, where they're slow, and what can be tweaked, which is fairly important for getting into this kind of programming.
  2. As a user of TFS in the workplace, I love that this series is here (and MS's free version online).   But so far I feel that the ALM (application lifecycle management) aspect is being neglected.   Not sure if that's intended for later articles or not, but it is the main reason that I would recommend usage of TFS over SVN, etc -> it ties in work items by default, and you can drive(/and derive) how people work on issues. It is an awesome tool, I'm happy MS made it available, and also happy it's being posted here!
  3. Finally stoppoed lurking and joined up to this site - Now all I need is motivation to tinker more in my spare time!
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