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  1. Advice needed

    How important is the baking in the game, and how would the realism impact it? If realism is important, you could do a sort of progression, such as breads - you could start with a real basic flat bread (water, flour, salt), move on to leavened breads (water, flour, salt, yeast, time to let the dough rise, etc), naan bread (water, flour, salt, yeast, sugar, yoghurt, ghee, time for the dough to rise), garlic naan (naan with garlic and ghee on top), etc   Make the base recipe easy, and variants add extra ingredients and complexity to the method. If you don't personally know about baking, I'm sure someone's mum can help you out (assuming by the NZ in your name you're from New Zealand, and baking is pretty strong there).
  2. Officers (strategy)

      Branch? Such as, a branch of the Navy is the marines. I don't know too much military lingo, though a quick search shows Division/Battalion as a likely choice for what you're after (though wether a Navy-level branch is a division or not would be up to you) Should help you out here:   Edit: Actually, just scrolled down on that 'right' after posting -> I think you're after a part of the military lead by a general? There's a nice table there on modern forces: Corps, Division and Brigade work nicely there too.
  3. I did every point of this article back when I was at university (some for the course, some for a project) and feel that I came out better for it. Sure, I forget the specifics of the X file format (and more), but I know how these things work behind the scenes, where they're slow, and what can be tweaked, which is fairly important for getting into this kind of programming.
  4. As a user of TFS in the workplace, I love that this series is here (and MS's free version online).   But so far I feel that the ALM (application lifecycle management) aspect is being neglected.   Not sure if that's intended for later articles or not, but it is the main reason that I would recommend usage of TFS over SVN, etc -> it ties in work items by default, and you can drive(/and derive) how people work on issues. It is an awesome tool, I'm happy MS made it available, and also happy it's being posted here!
  5.   Could, then, this not be a valid point still? Such as, you are limited in what you can do at one time unless you decide to amass a fortune. In that case, like in real life you can go out more, buy stuff, etc.
  6. Being German for 'man', the game 'Mensch.' is set in a world where new races of humanity are emerging with varied powers that give them an edge over regular old mankind, and with all believing they have the right-of-rule over those they deem inferior, and make war with other 'elevated' races. You, the player, struggle to help your small community survive (or thrive), in the depopulated wastelands of a war-torn world.   I'd say RPG with some RTS elements (ie, managing resources, etc).   Also, I'd like to thank the Death Gate Cycle for both my name and the concept :p
  7. Finally stoppoed lurking and joined up to this site - Now all I need is motivation to tinker more in my spare time!