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  1. OpenGL OpenGL won't render anything

    Tried all kind of modification on the vertices, the matrix code is supposed to be okay as it is part of OpenTK and they work there. Also tried transposing the matrix when sending it to the shaders but it didn't work.   [hr] Fixed: I forgot to set the Viewport as the default one isn't compatible with my window creation code, I'm dumb x.x
  2. OpenGL OpenGL won't render anything

    I'll take a look at the winding, about the matrix I already tried several others, including without a matrix as those vertices would work w/o one. As I took that vertices from I assume that they work
  3. I'm writing a basic OpenGL framework in C# and I've got a problem that is holding me for 3 days.   I've managed to create the window, OpenGL context and all necessary things using OpenTK. I can also clear the screen using glClear/glClearColor, but I can't render anything. As I'm using an OpenTK assembly built with DEBUG any OpenGL error that I could get would be catch by OpenTK and a exception would be thrown but there are no errors.   I've working on this for 3 days and I have no clue of what is the problem. If someone need any piece of code to help me, just ask.   Vertex Shader: [spoiler] #version 330 in vec3 iPosition; in vec3 iNormal; in vec4 iColor; out vec4 gColor; uniform mat4 WorldViewProjection; void main() { gColor = iColor; gl_Position = WorldViewProjection * vec4(iPosition, 1); }   [/spoiler]   Fragment Shader: [spoiler] in vec4 gColor; uniform float Alpha; out vec4 OutFragColor; void main() { OutFragColor = vec4(1,1,1,1); }  [/spoiler]   Test Vertices: [spoiler] 0.75f, 0.75f, 0.0f 0.75f, -0.75f, 0.0f -0.75f, -0.75f, 0.0f [/spoiler]   This would be a closed source engine but I'm pushing the code on GitHub so someone could help: Some important files: Test/SimpleTest/TestApp/TestGame.cs Source/Engine/GreenBox3D/Graphics/* Source/Engine/Platform/GreenBox3D.Platform.Windows/Graphics/*