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  1. Do you have another ways? Thank you?
  2. Thank you. I will try it.
  3. Can anyone tell me a way? :(
  4. Thanks. In china google is not so powerful. :)
  5. Hi, everyone. I wanted to process a image by OpenCV. It's generated by OpenGL. Firstly, I saved this image in my hard disk and read it with OpenCv, but I found it inefficient. So I want to find an interface from OpenGL to OpenCV so that I don't need to save the image to my hard disk.   The function "load3dDataToGL" is not what I want. I just want to load image from OpenGL. :( Thanks everyone!
  6. I have solve the problem. I use the same way as yours. I just use the SW_HIDE parameter to create the window. :)
  7. I have used Windows' API "ShowWindow" and setted the parameter "HIDE", but it didn't work . The window is stilled displayed and the image is smaller than before. I don't know why.
  8. I had used FBO, but once I excute "glutCreateWindow" , the window must be appeared and with no image in the window. If I comment the sentence, the program can't run. So, how can I fix it? Thank you!
  9. Hello, I'm a Chinese. I'm sorry that my English is not good. I want to make OpenGL to be a image generater work in backstage, I don't want to display the window generated by it.  How to hide the window or not generated the window? I just want to get the image. Thank you, every one!