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  1. rafciok_6

    Web History Information

    I am praticular interesting about server side technologies and how they evolved. I am not looking for awnswer here just would like to know any resources wher I can find information. The time of my interesting ts the time when internet was invented and first websites appears/  Tahnk you for replay anyway
  2. Hello guys. I would like to ask you about any book title or online resources where I can find information about history of the scripting languages and server-sidde technologies from the early days. Thanks for any sugestions.
  3. rafciok_6

    GLSL Lighting

    You right. Thank you problem was with normal. Now everything is fine. 
  4. rafciok_6

    GLSL Lighting

    Can you tell us, what the problem is ? Blank screen ? Rendered cube,  but with wrong lighting ? A screenshot would help.   I have a black screen with nothing displayed on it. Is looks like I did something wrong with the matrices.    I think one of the problem was with my normal matrix which I calculate. Sponij thanks for the answer really help.  I changed my code for normal matrix according with code example above. But still is something wrong. 
  5. rafciok_6

    GLSL Lighting

    I have a problem with my per vertex diffuse lighting implementation. I cannot find the problem. tried everything. Maybe someone can help. Here is the code.   Here is how I calculate normals for every point and store it in vbo    Vertex.vert   fragmet.frag and here is how I calculate normalMatrix and send uniform variables   Thank you for help. 
  6. rafciok_6


    Thanks. That exactly what I asked for. 
  7. rafciok_6


    Thank you for answer. I think I need to read a little bit more about it. Maybe you have any relevant tutorial or useful links for this topic. Thank you  
  8. rafciok_6

    OpenGL GLSL

    Hello  I am using GLSL 1.5 trying to calculate per vertex lighting, and my problem is I do not really know how to calculate the normal for every vertex. Should I do it in vertex shader or I should do it in main OpenGL program and pass this value into the shader. In previous version there was gl_Normal defined value which is deprecated in 1.5 version. I will be very happy if someone can explain me this.   Thank you for help. 
  9. rafciok_6

    Changing stat in game XNA

    That might be good idea. At least I will try to do it. Thank you 
  10. Hope this is what you was looking for   namespace test { class MainClass { public static void Main(string[] args) { double[,] test_array = new double[4, 4]; double[] source_array = { 1, 2, 3, 4 }; for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { test_array[0, i] = source_array; } for (int x = 0; x < 4; x++) { for (int y = 0; y < 4; y++) { System.Console.Write(test_array[x, y]); System.Console.Write(" "); } System.Console.WriteLine(); } // let's write more code, not less. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(10000); } } }
  11. Hello  I am working on my 2D game in XNA but I stuck in one point. When I lose all lives in the game Game Over screen appear than I go back to the Main Menu, but when I want to start game again I go back to the point in the game when I lost. My question is maybe you guys know if XNA provide any function which will allows reset  everything ( all objects) to the start position. I mean to the position where was created on the beginning. Thank You for any suggestion    
  12. rafciok_6

    XNA Collision Detection Help

    Thanks for replay  After few hours I found mistake :)  I can close this topic. 
  13. Hello  I need help with my code. I am just a beginner  . I try to find if two object are collide and change position one of them, if someone know what I do wrong  please help .
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