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    3D Adventure Game

    I really like the looks of this, and would gladly give it a shot and leave feedback.
  2. From what I can see, you are having issues figuring out where to start with graphics? There are several libraries that have been already mentioned, and all of them should have simular graphics setups, much as all the physics engines I have played with were simular in nature.   I recommend starting with a simple 2d setup at first (for myself, I really enjoyed LibGDX, which uses java, when I was first getting into figuring out some things, and it looks like they now have some more nice tutorials, such as http://obviam.net/index.php/getting-started-in-android-game-development-with-libgdx-create-a-working-prototype-in-a-day-tutorial-part-1/ ).   As you have seen since lurking, it is often recommended to start with pong. It is very simple to make, easy graphics, and a good way to learn a new system.   Anyway, many libraries will keep you from having to do the low level details. I started using LibGDX because I needed to do low level details, then looked at their source and saw most of it was written how I would have done it. I recommend using an open source library, seeing if you can get anything on the screen through looking up some tutorials, then reading through any render functions called if you want lower detail. Examples would be sprite.draw(),    Of course, if you were referring specifically to animations, then for 2d it is often a series of sprites from a spritesheet or textureatlas (in libgdx), and I believe 3d is vertex manipulation. I haven't really done much 3d outside of school years ago... have started playing around in blender, and can import things from blender to the Playstation Mobile Development Studio now, which has simple models and shaders available to do what I have needed thus far.
  3. Personally, most of my experience is actually database experience, and unless you are able to think a lot better in databases and use those to define your objects or components if you are doing component entity design, I agree that skipping the database would be best. I haven't actually worked on an MMO, but that would be the best reason to use a database from my own understanding.   Programming is not just the language, but the concepts that make the language possible. If you want something dynamic I actually recommend XML for the save format, as it is easy to learn and use and very dynamic. Just make sure to properly define each item that goes in so that you can parse it out.   Otherwise, I recommend reading up on data structures to get an idea of ways people store things and why they do.
  4. tisdadd

    Beginning graphics

    I myself wish to throw in LibGBX as a java tool. When you are done you can launch to android and computer if you wish with very little work. However, I haven't played with any of the other libraries mentioned, so I recommend looking into each and seeing what looks simplest to you. (I mainly needed to rotate some sprites for android when I found LibGBX, as doing the OpenGL ES got a tad annoying)
  5. tisdadd

    How do I use multithreading?

    This was a very interesting thread to go through, and I would agree with everyone who has stated that you should not add in multi-threading without the use of a library, and that you will most certainly want to know exactly what you are doing to keep the stability running. I was wondering though, why not generate the data for the star systems once and have a loading screen, then save it and parse it out when you load the game again? I believe SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies) does this, and it actually was not to bad to deal with as a player since the rest of the game went fairly fast.   Just want to say that you could have something really bad happen when spawning threads, I managed to make a fork bomb in class when first learning about the linux fork function... closed the server down over the weekend.
  6. tisdadd

    Object Collision Problem

    I did something like this in the past, and then put it to intercepted and moved the ball to the halfway position and set the velocities so that on the next time step it would be right... if your total velocity drops too low though, you may have to adjust where you move it to. My speed stayed the same for the whole problem, so moving it halfway worked great. You could do a deterioration to find out exactly where to move it if you needed to. (For instance, if losing 50% of velocity, would probably want to move back to 25% along the way of the box before adjusting velocity).
  7. tisdadd

    Games for high-performance Android devices?

    I myself am attempting to change to more of this style for my next release, as in the past I have been making sure that it could run on my Samsung Moment. Sadly, this means that in the past I have cut things out in order to make it smaller and faster. My next game will throw that out the window and be focusing on the Galaxy S4 specs, though I do think that it taught me some important lessons that I may have otherwise missed. (For instance, if your game is not running at a fast enough framerate to cause things to actually collide, how can I restructure it to check for things that should have collided so that the item doesn't pass through another).   All of the features I know to filter out devices can be found here.   I guess if you filter by opengl version support that can help.   Otherwise, if people are on hardware that can't handle it, they, like me, probably know. So you could just have a test app, or use an in app purchase for full game to allow people to use it. Let them know what hardware it was made for in the description.
  8. Quick question... why are you using a texture instead of TextureAtlas? If you are simply trying to do a sprite sheet, I recommend giving a TextureAtlas a quick try, then using the findRegion method to load in your texture regions...  There is a nice texturepacker available... https://code.google.com/p/libgdx-texturepacker-gui/' Very easy to use, just point it at a folder and go. Then make AtlasRegions based off of name of texture and index. May need to rotate if it was rotated... [edit:easier when starting just not to let the packer pack it rotated, but it does make smaller files...]   Haven't ever tried that large of a texture, but I believe this is the recommended route by libgdx.   Anyway, it probably is a memory issue as mentioned. As the TextureAtlas can have many textures put together but easily accessed, I recommend giving it a try really quickly. Seems that they recently moved to gethub, so not sure where the reference I was going to give about this was.
  9. Ended up going with the one that wasn't mine that I found myself able to play and that I played the longest. :P
  10. tisdadd

    [Week Of Awesome] My Game Reviews.

    Thank you very much for the reviews. As you guessed, my graphics (Dino Tamer) were scanned in... but with a camera... from a white board.   Now that I have my computer up and running again, I am hoping to have plenty of time to play everyone else's games as well, which should all be much better than mine. :P   Also, as you gave the gameplay better than I would have expected, I may have my sound/graphics friend take a look once he gets back... and implement other ideas that if he had been around I may have had time to implement (triceratops shooting horns, more level types, ect)... as I started Wednesday afternoon, and found out he was leaving that day I spent probably 2 days on graphics, hit detection lining up with graphics, and sound... not really my specialty areas.   I am just happy that I finally was able to take time to make a game based off my understanding of the Component Entity System.
  11. tisdadd

    The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

    Computer is almost dead, but I had just enough time to make the game much more fun to play... at least for me.   http://adsittech.com/dinoTamer.php
  12. tisdadd

    The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

    Well, my grand scheme isn't going to be able to be done in time... but at least part of it is. I too have church tomorrow, and as such am uploading what I have and will see how much time I get tomorrow. Wish I had seen this before Wednesday, and that my graphics and sound guy hadn't had to leave on Wednesday... I spent way too much time working on some rudimentary graphics after deciding that rectangles were not something that would be good to leave in. :P   And, my internet has almost finished uploading! Executable jar file... if you have java, just double click it and it works. If you don't have java, you may download it here [http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp].   The actual game may be downloaded from here.[http://butishouldhavegraduated.com/extraFile/DinoTamer.jar] I figure that I may as well do something with the website... though I may just draw more comics by hand now that I see how much easier it is from putting together this game.     If I hadn't had to do art myself and had seen it sooner, I would have better art for one thing. :P   Also, each dino would have had to be tamed differently with some simple mini games... and I would have put riding in... and some platforming... may still swap it to platformer instead, but wanted to do something with the tamed dino. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Then could eventually expand it to a world.    I have to say, at the moment it is fairly lame, but if I have time I will tweak it tomorrow, add in more sound effects, maybe a better background. Fix the graphics so you can see the players better when there are a lot of dinos... Ah well, hope someone has some fun with it anyway.   Just happy that I was able to figure out the component entity system. :)
  13. tisdadd

    Upcoming Unofficial GameDev Competition

    Don't know how much I will get done, but figure I will give it a shot... wish I had noticed this earlier, I was spending the week converting a program to the .net languages, but this seems a lot more fun.   I will contact my friend who does art/audio and see if I can get him to join in on my team as well... just need to think up a concept...   EDIT: Thought up contest, but seems my graphic/audio dude is out of town for the week. :( Oh well, if nothing else it provides a great opportunity to test a few things I have been meaning to get around too for concepts applied to actual coding.
  14. I just wanted to announce that I have made a game (a little while ago, but have possible artist to make downloadable skins now and figured I would mention something) that was inspired by pong, but in a circle... the goal being to keep the    The screenshots on the google play page should say it all.   Basically, keep the balls in play while the paddles are coming out.   It was an idea I had in my head of something I had never seen before, and it was a fun project to create.   If someone would like me to upload the computer version, let me know. Of course, you can play android games with blue stacks as well.
  15. tisdadd

    General Advice Needed

    I myself have a mother that teaches math at college, and used to do programming many years ago, and as such I was told how important the math was the whole time.   However, with the help of the internet, many things are much easier to find out now than they used to be, and you can get help with problems that are beyond your grasp.   ...   That said, you will certainly need to get through the algebra, and then I would recommend looking into Discrete Mathematics, as this will force you to learn logic as well as give you the ability to prove an idea... or at least help you to understand other peoples proofs to make sure that it will hold true no matter what is thrown at it. (I enjoy proofs... and matrices... more than I probably should...)
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