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  1. Hello,   I am trying to draw a design for coins that the player collects like in super mario game. The coins design might have some fixed number like 8 designs. I want to draw these based on some random number generation and picking up one design .   I am using a paralaxer background and moving the coins. After the coins have gone behind the screen I want to draw a new design.    I don't know how to do this as I am new to game programming, my friend suggested me a possible way might be to include an xml file ,which contains like 0 ,1's you draw where there are 1's and leave where there are 0's . I am using cocos2d-html5 for programming. I don't think it is a better idea to use text files to achieve this ,Is it ?   If you have any better idea ,please tell me.   Any code samples or weblinks(most probably in javascript) are greatly appreciated.   I am posting a sample design ,how I want it to be., like this I am going to have several designs.
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