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  1. robbiepxlbld

    How to retheme this game?

    This probably explains it better than I could: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolis_(film) (For some reason the entire link isnt highlighted, make sure you include _(film) too). An excellent movie worth watching too.
  2. robbiepxlbld

    How to retheme this game?

    How about some form of spin on Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Obviously not identical, as I believe Metropolis is still in copyright, but something along the lines of dystopian city underground workers?
  3. robbiepxlbld

    How we Built an iOS game on PC

    This is an engaging, informative and refreshingly honest article. Best of luck with all of your releases.
  4. robbiepxlbld

    When does the failure end?

    Let me tell you something, and this comes from personal experience, you might get your dream job, just for the studio to close a week later, you may be the best at what you do, but get stitched up because you are not part of the insecure boys club. But as long as you never give up, never lose your passion and never compromise your integrity, then you will never be a failure, so dont ever think like you are already one.
  5. robbiepxlbld

    Art skill worth mentioning?

    If I was an employer looking to hire a programmer, then I would see art skills as a bonus. Firstly, it would reassure me of your ability for cross-discipline communication, and secondly, could your art skills be used, even if in doodle form, to communicate your coding techniques in laymans terms across departments?
  6. robbiepxlbld

    How to escape a prison cell?

    How about goading other prisoners into starting a riot? Or make a break for it en-route to being executed? Any type of grinding within a cell is going to be rapidly tedious. What if you plan your escape over a period of time, while going about prison routine such as meals, courtyard time etc. (Although I doubt medieval prisoners would have such luxuries).
  7. robbiepxlbld

    My dream mmo

    It's an interesting subject for a game, that of breeding and nurturing. You should take that core idea and really brainstorm it. Maybe explore beyond humans as characters? That opens up a lot of creative options.
  8. robbiepxlbld

    I Have a Game Idea!

    I don't find it irritating at all that every gamer thinks they have an idea for the ultimate game. I find that a sort of elitist attitude that stifles the confidence of creativity. For every arrogant egotistic gamer who comes along with their idea, likewise, somewhere there is a master designer/developer-in-the-making that isn't confident enough to join a community, for fear of getting shot down.   Everyone has an opinion on how they would do something better, why should gaming be an exception? If someone has the inspiration for a game concept from their experience of playing, why not embrace it, even if only for a short while until they decide it isn't for them? Otherwise we face driving away those with the passion and motivation to see a concept through to fruition.   A well intentioned article, but I would have liked to see an overview of some entry level resources people can dip their toes into, such as the usual Unreal engine, Stencyl, etc.
  9. robbiepxlbld

    The Guide to Implementing 2D Platformers

    Nice article, plenty of food for thought. Thanks.
  10. robbiepxlbld

    Introducing myself

    Thanks :)
  11. robbiepxlbld

    Introducing myself

    Hi guys,   I'm Robbie, and I'm new around here.   I have worked in the game industry for 10 years, in QA and Design. A few years ago I got made redundant from two AAA studios within a matter of months. I can't go into the specifics of who I worked for and so on, as per my redundancy agreements.   This led me to question the whole game industry, and as a result I lost my passion for dev.   In recent months, I had an epiphany that I do still love game dev, I'm just not keen to do it for the big studios. So I am going back to basics. I have a few killer concepts that I have wanted to develop for years, so I am relearning all the tools I have become rusty on (such as the unreal engine), and am slowly learning new tools and techniques, and I am doing this all to make a game for myself, not to get a job (although obviously I'd be stupid to say never).   I am very passionate about the decline and stagnation of the game industry (helped by my redundancies) and have been inspired to start a blog (Link in sig below - apologies if this is classed as spamming with my first post, not my intention and I will remove it if required). Its only small with a few posts, but big picture, I hope it will grow into a good resource for everyone with an interest in the games and game dev.   I think I have waffled on long enough. I hope to grow into a good contributor to the forum and get to know you all.
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