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  1. Beginning and how to set up SFML 2.0/1.6

    Atm. i have graphics,window and system included and SFML_STATIC is in the Preprocessor Defenitions. Maybe I made a mistake while building the library's....       What is a nightly build? And what's it diffrent from the one at the original site?   Btw are there any other tutorial sites? Because i'm really a total newbie at WIN Api, FSML, game programming and stuff so i need some easy steps to follow (Well i know the basics of message loops and so on) :)
  2. Beginning and how to set up SFML 2.0/1.6

    Thanks for the fast answers :)   I didn't know that you have to put the .dll files in the same folder (seems logic) :D So that works for now :)     Why would you recommend SFML 2.0? On the page it says it's still a beta. But i used it anyways :)     So if i build the static libs (CMake -> checking SFML_USE_STATIC_STD_LIBS and unchecking BUILD_SHARED_LIBS -> building -> adding SFML_STATIC at the preprocessor and change the input to sfml-xxxx-s) i still get errors when i want to compile the testprogram :(     I have no clue what that means :D
  3. Beginning and how to set up SFML 2.0/1.6

    Hey,   I always wanted to learn game programming and this is not my first try to learn it :)   I decided to use C++ because I completed an apprenticeship where I learned c/c++ but only worked with MCU's. (most of the time i used C to programm everyhing).   But theres one point I always fail and that is to setup the compiler with all the libararies and stuff.   I decided to use SFML for 2D programming to start off :) but after 2 days of work i cant get it to work properly... I tried SFML 1.6 and SFML 2.0 and both won't work.   I tried to set it up for Visual Studio 2012 and for Visual C++ 2010.   At the moment I was able to compile the program but ONLY in Release mode. When I compile it in debug mode i can't execute it because the "sfml-graphics-d-2.dll" is missing. BUT i checked the folder and it is NOT missing... It is in the lib directory of SFML.   I tried to use static libararies but that won't work at all.. i can't even compile because i get several errors like this one:   "Error 1 error LNK2038: mismatch detected for 'RuntimeLibrary': value 'MTd_StaticDebug' doesn't match value 'MDd_DynamicDebug' in Main.obj d:\cpp\Projects\Project2\Project2\sfml-graphics-s-d.lib(Color.obj) Project2"     I hope you can help me with my problem :)