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  1. Warcraft 3 cliff and ramp rendering

    Maybe the map specifications (RE'd) can help you find out how they did it (http://www.wc3c.net/tools/specs/index.html). The section about the terrain is at 4) "war3map.w3e" The environment
  2. A "Warlock-like" game

    Hey, we are currently creating the official standalone for Warlock in UDK, here's a video of it  [spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeITBwOVehY [/spoiler] All the art and sounds are still programmer art or standard UDK stuff, maybe you'll want to join us, if you do add me on Skype (wrlcreator) or Steam (search for toraxxx) . Either way come visit us at warlockbrawl.com!
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