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  1. How ti fire multiple times

    Thanks..Why the hell i did not think of it that way!!!I will try it and get back to you :)
  2. I am learning XNA and i just tried to make a game similar to galaga.I have made a ship to fire and i can fire a bullet.The problem is after i fire a bullet and user presses space[fire key] again my bullet disappears and new bullet appears at new location.  I am attaching the game file below.Please help me
  3. Straight to Game Engine?

    Thanks..I will start with Unity and get back to you when i learn it..Thank you guys :)
  4. Straight to Game Engine?

    Thanks you guys.. i have downloaded Unity too and tried XNA. I feel XNA is more fun as you get to the core. But unity is easier. Can i make sharp games in XNA like one that can be done in Unity?
  5. Straight to Game Engine?

    I am just confused.I have intermediate knowledge of c++ and c#.I just need your help to decide how to proceed.I mean i have read on the forums here about XNA and game engines.So i just want to know what should i choose. I thought XNA but i read that XNA is dead and game engines are easier.Please help
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