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  1. After Us

    Hi there. Let me show you the first [url=http://igg.me/p/307259/x/2043898]Gameplay Trailer[/url] from my game After Us. Just keep in mind that this video does not show final quality of the game. The game is still in alpha stage. Enjoy it!
  2. After Us

    Hi there! I was inactive here for very long period of time. Now I decided to return here and show you a new project I am working on. It is very important to know that without Dr.Best this would not be even possible. Thank you in advance. So what am I working on?   [url=http://igg.me/p/307259/x/2043898][/url]   After Us is explorative adventure game played from a first person perspective. The player passes through various environments from the streets of European city and ending with deep forests and meadows in the country. To advance in the game, the player must solve a number of puzzles whose solution is based both based on logical reasoning, and the use of physics. The story is told through dialogue among Ghosts. But they are not ghosts in the true sense of the word. These Ghosts are supernatural record of the actual events of the recent past. Ghosts do not help players only understand the story. Their dialogues sometimes also help in solving puzzles. If you hear two Ghosts of electricians speaking about danger of touching live wires, it means that neither player would not touch these wires. To become familiar with the plot serves players also found newspaper, watching still working television and listening to radio. The player goes through the game on his own feet, but in various parts of the game he can also travel using a vehicle    [url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/nemocnice1.jpg/][/url]   [url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/realtimereflections.png/][/url]   [url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/realtimebokeh.png/][/url]   The game is based upon my own engine written in C++ and running under DirectX 9.0. It utilizes most of basic functions as loading static and skinned mesh, deferred lighting&shadowing but it also can handle very advanced effects as 3D lens flares, advanced HDR post processing, realtime planar reflections and Custom Sprite Based Bokeh Depth Of Field. Yes - you read correctly. Bokeh Depth Of Field under DirectX 9.0 with any shape you want!   I know it is very hard to imagine what is the game about if you read this very rough outline. If you want to know more or just support me, than please visit this page on [url=http://igg.me/p/307259/x/2043898]Indiegogo[/url] where you can support me both financially and morally.   I am trying to keep the project alive and updating the project page every second day. I am regularly posting new screenshots and by the end of next week I am going to post first gameplay video so stay tunned!   Thank in advance to all of you who decide to support me no matter how.