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    XNA/Monogame based framework released

    It's now available in BitBucket and GitHub.   The git checkout URLs are here directly BitBucket Git checkout URLs are:   Check it out, I need feedback. And please remember, its now MIT and open source! :) -erno  
  2. Hola! I just released a public version of my XNA based 2d game framework and example projects. It's done with C# and should be totally monogame compatible.   Documentation is still under works, but check out the sample projects for more info. The Framework itself is mostly documented (but needs improvement).   It provides atleast - State management - Sprites, animated and not - Buttons, Menuentries - Parallax Backgrounds - Input management - Physics through Farseer Physics Library  - etc.   Go dig if you want. Check out the SmithShooter example project (VS2010 and 2012 projects available)...   It's here:   Thanks -erno
  3. Hola,  I've been doing game programming for quite a bit, mostly in odd times when there is spare time --> Spare time is not something you get with wife, children and work and such :)   Anyhow, check my site about XNA/Monogame based development:   I am doing a 2d game framework which will be available for everyone bit later. And the final goal is to make a framework which enables me (or anyone) to forget and sidestep the major loop-holes in game-programming....  yes, I am learning myself while doing this :)   I will try to provide good example on common problems people face when writing stuff. Oh yeah, I have over 15 years of OO-programming experience without counting my personal hobbies related to that matter.   Sorry about not allowing public commenting, use the forum section for that :) -erno  
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