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  1. Mesh unhoped-for transparency.

    Solved. Thanks. I've disabled Z-buffer. Not disabled in fact, but disrupted it work by setting ZnearPlane =0, when setting Perspective. I thought it is ok. but it's not. Me doing it wrong. 
  2. Mesh unhoped-for transparency.

    Hello I'm learning to load meshes from files. My problem is that my result has some unhoped-for transparency. Well, sorry for my English, I'll better show it in pictures. Right picture- is how it should be(from DirectX SDK Viewer), and left – is what I have. Why tires are always full visible? I realized that it is unrelated to Lights and unrelated to different material types. Same problems with meshes containing only one material, some planes are visible trough others. Help please. Any directions about what's could be wrong? Or what did I forget?