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  1. Pandora's Toybox wishes you happy holidays! During the summer break, however, will not stop the development and September will surprise you with brand new content and many new features! See you soon!
  2. @Run Cycle Media Thank you about your feedback, I'll take care about that and try to fix that!     [b]Update 07/3/13   New Screen:[/b]     Kid Cutscene definitive
  3. [b]Update 06/27/13   New Youtube Video: [/b]   City Theme:   [video=youtube;nyl4Yj-DDGU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyl4Yj-DDGU[/video]
  4. Update 06/19/13   New Screens:     Here the Scoreboard (By Abadon) by pressing the button at the bottom of the ranking you are returned to the first position while pressing on the head you go to your score.         The shop finished, the comic is not definitive and the speech is a proof, however, we can buy upgrades at the shop to be used in gameplay, and upgrades to power ups that will make them more effective.
  5. [b]Update 06/12/13   New Artwork:[/b]     Here a panoramic about all the birds!
  6. [b]Update 06/5/13   New Artworks:[/b]   Albatross Fly Animation (By Fabiola Allegrone)     The last enemy, Seagull, fast poo, if it fall next to you your screen will be covered by poo! (By Fabiola Allegrone)  
  7. [b]Update 05/29/13[/b]   New Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKsNzFWXg34
  8. [b]Update: 05/22/13   New Screens:[/b]         Hud is not complete yet but the score on the top yes, animation and collision work.
  9. Update 05/15/13 New Artworks: Here some Candary animation still to complete: Landing 1 (By Fabiola Allegrone) Landing 2 (By Fabiola Allegrone) Another Enemy: Albatross, Big and Slow poo (By Fabiola Allegrone) On Facebook and Twitter you can see all funny Bugs While Developing. Links are in my Signature
  10. Update 05/8/13   New Artworks: Here some Candary animation still to complete:   Stand Animation (Animation By Fabiola Allegrone)   Move Animation (Animation By Fabiola Allegrone)   Fly Stun Lineart (By Fabiola Allegrone) First Character Concept (By Davide Cangemi)
  11. [b]Updates: 05/1/2013 New Artworks:[/b] Shop Window. Option Menu Animation Kid_Run
  12. [b]Update:   04/24/2013   New Artworks:[/b]     Concept level 3 (By Davide Cangemi)     Our second enemy, Candary, very small and speed poo!  (By Fabiola Allegrone)     Definitive draw Level 1 (By Davide Cangemi)     Shop guy animation (By Fabiola Allegrone)   [b]RATE THE GAME ON [url=http://gamejolt.com/games/platformer/feathered-attack/14099/]GAMEJOLT[/url][/b]
  13. Updates: 04/17/2013 New Videos:   Listen Feathered Attack_Beach Theme   Look Main Menu Draft 1   Follow us on our Youtube
  14. Post updated with game topic link
  15. Updates: 04/10/2013 New Artworks: Level 3: City Other Pidgeon Animation (By Fabiola Allegrone): [spoiler] [/spoiler] New Video: Listen Feathered Attack_Plain Theme